• Senior Thesis Day 2017
    Senior Theses Are In!

    April 10, 2017
    The Class of 2017 seniors are joined by their advisers to celebrate their thesis submission.

  • Courses to Consider Fall 2017
    Courses to Consider

    Fall 2017

    Looking for an exciting History course? Explore a range of courses from ancient to modern times, world history to history of science.

  • History Class of 2015 on Thesis Day
    Why History?

    Students discuss what drew them to study history and what paths they plan to pursue after Princeton.

The History Department offers forty different undergraduate courses each year. A combination of lecture classes and limited-enrollment seminars, History courses cover two thousand years of human experience in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. The faculty approach these areas from a variety of disciplinary perspectives: Cultural, Economic, Environmental, Ethnic, Gender, Intellectual, Labor, Political, Social, and Urban history.

The History Department has structured its undergraduate concentration both to encourage breadth of knowledge and to allow concentrators to focus their studies on what most interests them. Concentrators must take at least one course in each of four areas: American, European, Non-Western, and Pre-Modern history.

By the senior year, undergraduates in the History Department will have selected a field of concentration. Fields of concentration include Africa; Ancient Greece and Rome; East Asia; Europe; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Latin America; Middle Ages; Russia; United Kingdom; United States; Science and Technology; and War, Revolution, and the State.

Central to the undergraduate concentration are the two junior papers and the senior thesis. All newly-declared History concentrators are enrolled in a research seminar in the fall of their junior year that offers an introduction to the skills of historical research and writing. In stages, concentrators advance toward the writing of the 75-page senior thesis based on original historical research. The Davis Center awards the Stone / Davis Prize to rising seniors who travel to conduct archival research. In past years, the Department has supported travel to Germany, England, and South Africa, among other places. Thesis titles in recent years include "'Whether Christian, Moor, or Jew': Social Integration in Medieval Cuenca"; "Representations of the Dead in English Sculpture, 1427-1664"; "Maryland and the Secession Crisis, 1860- 61"; "Women's Participation in the Mexican Revolution," "De Gaulle and the French Empire, 1940-1944"; "The Detroit Race Riot of 1943"; and "A History of the Unix Operating System."

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