History of Science Program Seminar

History of Science Program SeminarThe Program Seminar serves to foster scholarly community among the faculty, students, and visiting fellows of the Program: we meet weekly to think and talk together, and this is a considerable pleasure (not to mention intellectually invigorating). Topics of the gathering vary. Often we discuss a pre-circulated work in progress, but other conversations are welcome, recent literature, events and trends in the profession, issues of common concern in the Program. The goal is to bridge the divisions and to counteract the centrifugal forces that tend to affect small programs with broad scope.

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This is open to registered persons only. Please do not distribute or cite any papers without prior permission from the author(s). For more information, or if you are intersted in joining Program Seminar and receiving invitations to papers, please contact the Graduate Program Assistant to be added to our listserv.

Program in History of Science Seminar: Spring 2017

13 February: Ohad Reiss Sorokin
Comment: Mikey McGovern

Cutting the Edge of Objectivity: The Concept of “Science” and History and Philosophy of Science Program at Princeton University, 1960-1981

20 February: Megan Baumhammer
Comment: Florencia Pierri

Life in the World, the Human and Natural History in the Seventeenth Century

27 February: Emily Kern
Comment: Professor Tony Grafton

The Speaking Ape: Eden, Language, and the Logic of Origins in the Nineteenth Century


6 March: Day of Action: Knowledge & Democracy in Action at Princeton University – Frist Campus Center

The History of Science and Political Engagement: An Open Discussion 

In this teach-in, Historians of Science will discuss the disciplinary history of both science and political engagement.
3:00-4:20pm, Women’s Center – Frist 243


13 March: Julia Stone
Comment: Carolina Malagon

Dr. Wiley’s “Poison Squad” and the Case for Pure Food: How One Study Became a Symbol for the Role of Government and Scientific Experts

27 March: Felix Rietmann
Comment: Edna Bonhomme

The Birth of a Discipline: Infant Psychiatry and Video-assisted Micro-analysis of Behavior, 1960s-1980s

3 April: Jinsong Guo
Comment: Megan Baumhammer

Library Stargazing: Textual Investigation in the Early Yuan Reform of the Chinese Calendar

10 April: Professor Tony Grafton
Comment: Professor Angela Creager


17 April: Jenne O'Brien
Comment: Jinsong Guo

The Geometry of Melancholy: Albrecht Dürer's Desperate Man

24 April: David Robertson
Comment: David Dunning

Operationalizing the Mind: Aboriginal Child Cognition and Assimilation in Australia, 1967-1970

1 May: Pallavi Podapati
Comment: Gina Surita

Battles for Breath: Responses to coal workers' pneumoconiosis in South Wales and Central Appalachia, 1968-1985