Get a Leg Up on Your Fulbright Application

May 12, 2017
Applying to a Fulbright? See the Princeton Writing Program.

Special Workshop: “Getting a Leg Up on Your Fulbright Application”

Wednesday, May 17
4:30–6:00 pm
Writing Room (in the Writing Center, Lauritzen Hall, Whitman College)

Dr. Judy Swan of the Writing Center will lead a session to jump-start your Fulbright Statement of Grant Purpose and Personal Statement. Don’t worry if you haven’t begun drafting anything! If you know your country and have an idea of your project, you’ll definitely benefit from this workshop. Space is limited; registration required.

If you’re unable to attend this workshop, there will be a webinar-style session offered this summer by Steve Gump, associate director of fellowship advising in the Office of International Programs (you may attend remotely or in person) that covers similar material. Dr. Swan also plans to host one more Fulbright session on campus in the very late summer.

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program provides a wealth of resources to assist with your application. From the Videos & Tutorials page, select:

  • Events for upcoming webinars (always free; you should register in advance; filtering by type for “Webinars” makes the list more manageable); or
  • Fulbright Webinars for recorded versions of past webinars (available 24/7). Please note that the past webinars for the 2017-18 Award Year are last year’s webinars; this page will soon be updated with webinars for the current application cycle (the 2018–19 Award Year).

Also, please make note of the Fulbright application procedure and timeline. Monday, September 25, is the campus deadline.