University Projects Will Explore 'Overlooked' Topics in Princeton's History

January 30, 2017


Martha Sandweiss's Princeton and Slavery Project and Alison Isenberg's Trenton/Princeton Project have received support from the Princeton Histories Fund. The fund fosters the exploration of "aspects of Princeton's history that have been forgotten, overlooked, subordinated or suppressed."

The fund was created last spring as part of recommendations of the Trustee Committee on Woodrow Wilson's Legacy. The goal is to encourage a deeper and more nuanced engagement with the University's history and to explore the legacies of that history at Princeton and beyond. Funds are available to faculty, staff and students to undertake an original research project and/or generate community conversations through public programming.

"Acknowledging our past represents a commitment to the University's core values of diversity and inclusion," Provost David S. Lee said. "The Princeton Histories Fund provides us with an opportunity to apply the strengths of Princeton scholarship to some of the most challenging aspects of our own history, and to do so in thoughtful ways that showcase rigorous research, critical thinking, creativity, and student and community engagement. Confronting the past will better prepare us to face the future. We look forward to supporting our faculty, staff and students as they examine the complexities of the University's history for the benefit of Princetonians and the broader community." Read more at News at Princeton.