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Peter Brown
Philip and Beulah Rollins Professor of History, Emeritus; Senior Historian
112 41 William St.
Martin Collcutt
Professor of East Asian Studies and History, Emeritus
Robert Darnton
Shelby Cullom Davis '30 Professor of European History, Emeritus; Senior Historian
Natalie Zemon Davis
Henry Charles Lea Professor of History, Emeritus
Benjamin Elman
Gordon Wu '58 Professor of Chinese Studies, emeritus; Professor of East Asian Studies and History, emeritus
Laura Engelstein
Professor of History, Emeritus
Jan Tomasz Gross
Norman B. Tomlinson '16 and '48 Professor of War and Society, emeritus; Professor of History, emeritus
Nancy Weiss Malkiel
Professor of History, Emeritus
337 Wallace Hall
Arno Mayer
Dayton-Stockton Professor of History, Emeritus
C-5L-2 Firestone Library
James McPherson
George Henry Davis 1886 Professor of American History, Emeritus
106 41 William St.
John Murrin
Professor of History, Emeritus
108 41 William St.
Susan Naquin
Professor of History and East Asian Studies, Emeritus
113 41 William St.
Barbara Oberg
Senior Research Scholar
C-9-J Firestone Library
Nell Irvin Painter
Edwards Professor of American History, Emeritus
Theodore Rabb
Professor of History, Emeritus
B-2-H-3 Firestone Library
Daniel Rodgers
Henry Charles Lea Professor of History, Emeritus
110 41 William St.
Stanley Stein
Walter Samuel Carpenter III Professor in Spanish Civilization and Culture, Emeritus; Professor of History, Emeritus
107 41 William St.
Robert Tignor
Rosengarten Professor of Modern and Contemporary History, Emeritus
C-6L-2 Firestone Library