Readings in Capitalism and History

Readings in Capitalism and HistoryAt RICH seminars, graduate students have begun to define a global, interdisciplinary vision of the 'History of Capitalism.' The emerging scholarship on the History of Capitalism exists within a global frame. To understand it, scholars must explore the connections and conjunctures in world history that have helped create the contemporary cultures of capitalism, rather than limiting it to a contemporary, Western context. Find out more at the RICH blog.

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Upcoming Events:

Joshua Bauchner on Marx

We welcome any and all of you interested in the question “hey, what’s capitalism?” to join us for the second Readings in Capitalism and History (RICH) event of the year. Our very own Joshua Bauchner has graciously agreed to direct a session on the writings of Karl Marx. We’ll be going back to our conceptual origins, armed with readings, pizza, and libations. This will be an informal discussion session, and we encourage any and all interested in talking or hearing about capitalism to join.

Early Modern Commercial Networks in the Brazilian Sugar Trade

"The Co-Evolution of Various Mechanisms Governing the Expansion of Commercial Agency Relations: Jews and Conversos Along the Sugar Route Revisited (Brazil, Portugal, and the Netherlands, 1595-1618)"

Free and open to the public. For a copy of the paper, e-mail José Argueta at Read more about the event at the Readings in Capitalism and History blog.

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