Power and Time: Temporalities in Conflict and the Making of History

University of Chicago
Other Editors
Dan Edelstein
Stefanos Geroulanos

Time is the backdrop of historical inquiry, yet it is much more than a featureless setting for events. Different temporalities interact dynamically; sometimes they coexist tensely, sometimes they clash violently. In this innovative volume, editors Dan Edelstein, Stefanos Geroulanos, and Natasha Wheatley challenge how we interpret history by focusing on the nexus of two concepts—“power” and “time”—as they manifest in a wide variety of case studies. Analyzing history, culture, politics, technology, law, art, and science, this engaging book shows how power is constituted through the shaping of temporal regimes in historically specific ways. Power and Time includes seventeen essays on human rights; sovereignty; Islamic, European, Chinese, and Indian history; slavery; capitalism; revolution; the Supreme Court; the Anthropocene; and even the Manson Family. Power and Time will be an agenda-setting volume, highlighting the work of some of the world’s most respected and original contemporary historians and posing fundamental questions for the craft of history.

Area of Interest
Business History
Colonialism & Post Colonialism
Cultural History
Economic History
Environmental History
Foreign Relations
Historical Epistemology
History of Science and the Emotions
Human Sciences
Imperial History
Indigenous History
Intellectual History
International Development
Legal History
Material Culture
Medicine & Health
Political History
Race & Ethnicity
Social History
Theory of History
19th Century
20th Century