Worlds Together, Worlds Apart

Stephen Aron
Xinru Liu
Suzanne Marchand
Holly Pittman
Brent Shaw
Robert Tignor
Michael Tsin
W. W. Norton & Company

Worlds Together, Worlds Apart is organized around major world history stories and themes: the emergence of cities, the building of the Silk Road, the spread of major religions, the spread of the Black Death, the Age of Exploration, alternatives to nineteenth-century capitalism, the rise of modern nation-states and empires, and others. The Fourth Edition of this successful text has been streamlined, shortened, and features a new suite of tools designed to help students think critically, master content and make connections across time and place.

Additional co-authors include: Stephen Aron, Xinru Liu, Suzanne Marchand, Holly Pittman, Brent Shaw, and Michael Tsin.

Area of Interest
Economic History
Political History
Urban History