FAQs for Graduate Students

If I am currently off-campus, may I move to Princeton during the semester?

Yes. We will gladly welcome your arrival assuming it is safe for you and will not impact your families negatively. You must adhere to all university guidelines as described in Princeton's COVID-19 website..

G1, G2

Language study

Funding for summer language study is in place as usual. We are accepting applications for language funding on a rolling basis. Please contact the Graduate Office if you have any questions.

Research paper deadlines

Current advice from the graduate school is to plan for the regular rollout of course requirements and milestones. This entails that the 1st year research paper will fall due on June 15, while the 2nd year paper will be due April 1. Please consult the DGS and the certifying faculty member if you would like to request an extension for any reason. With the continued closure of archives, we fully expect faculty members to offer greater latitude of what constitutes a certifiable paper. The 2nd year paper must be certified before generals.

Language Exams

Spring language exams will be conducted online during the week of March 1-5.

IUDC/Ivy+ enrollment

Students should inquire with the host school regarding the allowed participation format. Many institutions are permitting students to participate in exchange programs if the course if offered virtually.


We fully expect faculty to return to their previous practices of letter grading and providing written feedback to the students and DGS alike.

Generals: timeline, splitting, flexibility

Given the expectation to operate on the new normal calendar, we will return to the practice of Generals examinations being taken in the Spring. Written exams will take place May 3 - 7th. Oral exams will be scheduled May 10-14. That said, students will still be able to split examinations if they and their teachers feel it is appropriate, though any remaining exams would need to be undertaken during the October exam period in 2021. Please discuss your options with the DGS if you think you might take advantage of splitting or delaying your exams.


I have not yet been able to use my pre-dissertation research funding due to travel restrictions or archival closures. When does it expire?

Students are normally permitted to use pre-dissertation funding through the end of the third year. The department will be as flexible as possible in funding necessary research that has been delayed due to the pandemic.  

Will I be required to teach/precept?


If I am teaching/precepting, will I be required to do so in person?

No. Instructors may decide whether to teach in person, fully virtually, or hybrid. Given that many archives remain closed and travel is difficult, the coming semester may well be an opportune time to obtain precepting skills.


When might I take a leave of absence or enroll in absentia?

If you are not in Princeton due to COVID, you do not need to take a leave of absence. This is normally requested by students taking substantial time away for law studies or national service. If one is pursuing archival research in another country, then it is appropriate to enroll in absentia. There are no negative repercussions for doing so.

How do I let the department know about the Covid-19-related challenges or delays I am facing?

As always, you can inform Kristy and your DGS by way of an email at any time during the semester. There is no problem with duplicating information. Use the annual reenrollment form to update us as to your progress, or perceived difficulties. All such statements will be taken into account when we recommend your reenrollment, or an extension to your candidature.

Will the workshops and seminars organized through the Center for Collaborative History be active this year?

Yes, all workshops and seminars will be active during the 2020-2021 academic year but will be held online to allow for the maximum attendance and to accommodate those who are not in Princeton.


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