• Teal Arcadi Receives Eisenhower/Roberts Fellowship
    Teal Arcadi Receives 2020-21 Eisenhower/Roberts Fellowship

    The Dwight D. Eisenhower/Clifford Roberts Fellowship supports scholars who study public policy.

  • Article by Wangui Muigai *17 Wins Prize
    Article by Wangui Muigai *17 Wins Prize

    The Nursing Clio Prize for Best Journal Article was awarded to Wangui Muigai's article, "Something Wasn’t Clean”: Black Midwifery, Birth, and Postwar Medical Education in All My Babies” (Bulletin of the History of Medicine).

  • What Are You____?

    During the Spring and Summer while we were all social distancing and assimilating to our new normal, the Center for Collaborative History started a new feature in our newsletter where we asked our faculty, graduate students, and staff three questions: What are you reading? What are you listening to? What are you watching? We hope this gives you some ideas for your free time over the next few months.

The graduate program in History values an approach to scholarship grounded in the particular while retaining a sense of the whole. The faculty encourage students to take as comprehensive a view of history as possible with the goal of cultivating a far-reaching understanding of the past. Throughout their enrollment, students develop the necessary skills to conduct discipline-defining research.

Vibrant intellectual communities within the department and across campus encourage students to engage in interdisciplinary conversations with faculty, other students, and visiting scholars. Faculty advisers supervise the progress of each student and closely oversee the research and writing of the dissertation. Deep departmental commitment to professional development aids students in becoming expert historians and effective teachers.

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