Graduate History Association

The Graduate History Association is a committee which represents the interests of all graduate students in the department and acts as liaison between students, the department, and the Graduate School. Elections are held annually in the fall. Students interested in holding a position are encouraged to contact the GHA president.

The current roster of GHA representatives is as follows:

President: Julia Stone
Secretary: Sucharita Ray
Treasurer: Caitlin Harvey
Social Chairs: Yang Li and Blake Grindon
Women’s Committee Liaisons: Alison McManus and Jenne O’Brien
History GSG Representative: Jaime Sanchez
HOS GSG Representative: Pallavi Podapati
HOS Liaison: Mikey McGovern
Professional Development Officers: Abigail Sargeant and Jan van Doren
Gift Czar: Daniel Kosasa
Library/Lounge Czar: Mikey McGovern and Fabian Krautwald
Dues Collectors: Joe Glynias and Daniel Kosasa
Webmaster: Shelby Lohr