Graduate History Association

The Graduate History Association is a committee which represents the interests of all graduate students in the department and acts as liaison between students, the department, and the Graduate School. Elections are held annually in the fall. Students interested in holding a position are encouraged to contact the GHA president.

The current roster of GHA representatives is as follows:

President: Teal Arcadi

Vice President: Hannah Stamler

Treasurer: Mikey McGovern


Graduate Policy Representatives:

Pre-Generals: Taneil Ruffin

Post-Generals: Jenne O'Brien


Cohort Representatives:

G1: Anna Speyart

G2: Jack Klempay

G3: Jiya Pandya

G4: Hannah Stamler, interim

G5: Pallavi Podapati

DCE (2): Joe Glynias and Julian Weideman


Social Chairs:

Nick Barone and Will Holub-Moorman