Alumni Journeys

Joshua AsaborJoshua Asabor '16


"I was initially drawn to the Woodrow Wilson School because I was excited about the opportunity to explore my passion in history in a more applied way, but I quickly realized that the History Department was what I wanted to call my academic home."    Read more.

Cara CavanaughCara Cavanaugh '16

History of Science

"I had no idea [I wanted to do history of science]. I didn’t even know it was a program until I took a freshman seminar on history of science during WWII. ... I loved the freshman seminar, and then I found out about the history of science program, and I was like, oh wait, this is what I want to do."    Read more.

Ryan LowRyan Low '16


"I grew up in Los Angeles. I majored in History and got a certificate in Medieval Studies. I went to London for two years on the Marshall Scholarship, where I studied at University College London, and now I’m in my second year at Harvard doing my Ph.D. I followed a pretty traditional academic path."    Read more.

Nick Williams in The Bakken Museum VaultNick Williams '15


I grew up in Ohio, a little outside of Cleveland. In high school I actually liked the sciences more, mostly because the science teachers were good. I went to your quintessential, less-than-mediocre public high school in the Midwest."    Read more.