The following prizes, the Carter Combe Prize and Koren Prize, are awarded for work done in the junior year. Prizes are announced in the fall of senior year.

Carter Combe Prize

A prize established in memory of Carter Kim Combe, Class of 1974, awarded annually to the student who writes the best second-term junior independent work in history.

Recent Winners

Alec Israeli, 2019-2020
"A New Era in the Struggle for Freedom": American Radicals and the Paris June Days of 1848
Advised by Sean Wilentz

Ben Press, 2018-2019
"Upon Account of His Complexion: Slave Conspiracies, Fear, and the Racialization of Suffrage in Colonial Virginia"
Advised by Stanley Katz

Mikaela Gerwin, 2017-2018
"Parallel Recountings of Violence: 1391 in the City of Valencia"
Advised by William Chester Jordan

Sarah M. Dinovelli, 2016-2017
"The Woes of War-Time Radio: NBC and the Financial Challenges of Broadcasting News During World War II"
Advised by Emily Thompson

Daniel R. Elkind, 2015-2016
"Amandus of Maastricht and the Politics of Mission, ca. 628-638 AD"
Advised by Helmut Reimitz

Ryan Low, 2014-2015
"Episcopal Jurisdiction and Legal Reform at the Second Council of Mâcon"
Advised by Helmut Reimitz

Brett Diehl, 2013-2014
"Policing Political Dissent from Above and Below in Rio de Janeiro, 1927-1933"
Advised by Jeremy Adelman


Koren Prize

A prize given annually by Henry Lloyd Thronell Koren to the student in the department who attains the best record in the departmental work of the junior year.

Recent Winners

Alec Israeli, 2019-2020

Kenji Cataldo, 2019-2020

Katherine Reed, 2018-2019