Senior Calendar

History Senior Thesis Deadlines Class of 2023

September 9 (Friday)

Deadline to confirm Senior Thesis Adviser with Judie Miller ([email protected])

September 14 (Wednesday)

Final Senior Thesis adviser assignments emailed to students

September 20 (Tuesday), 7pm

Mandatory Senior Meeting

ASAP but no later than September 21 (Wednesday)

Seniors must meet with advisers before this date

October 3 (Monday)

Senior Thesis Research Funding Application opens in SAFE

November 10 (Thursday)

First mandatory interim milestone deadline: topic description, preliminary outline, bibliography of primary and secondary sources

Before November 22 (Tuesday)

Meet with adviser to discuss work-in-progress

November 28 (Monday)

Senior Thesis Research Funding Application closes in SAFE

February 6, 2023 (Monday)

Second mandatory interim milestone deadline: partial first draft of 25 pages

February 16 (Monday)

Advisers return corrected partial first draft to students

March 3 (Friday)

Submit thesis working title to Judie Miller

April 18 (Tuesday)

Submit senior thesis by 3:00pm to 128 Dickinson AND electronically to Mudd Library

April 18 (Tuesday at 3:00pm)

Thesis celebration outside Dickinson

May 8 (Monday)

Submit Personal Statement to Judie

May 10 – 11 (Wednesday & Thursday)

Senior Departmental Examinations

May 29 (Monday)

Class Day Celebration at Forbes College

  • Once a hard copy of the thesis has been submitted, extensions will no longer be granted.
  • Theses have a 100-page limit, students will need permission from their adviser AND the Director of Undergraduate Studies to submit a thesis over 100 pages.
  • Dates are subject to revision. Students will be notified of any changes to deadlines.


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