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The Princeton Historical Review (PHR) is a bi-annual publication of historical scholarship written by Princeton students. Completely student-run and edited, PHR showcases the best undergraduate academic work in history. PHR collaborates with faculty in the Department of History and related departments to identify exemplary papers. Students may also submit papers directly.

For more information about the publication or how to submit papers to PHR, please contact Editor-in-Chief Johanne Kjaersgaard '23 ([email protected]). You may also find information about the Princeton Historical Review on Facebook and view back issues on


2021-2022 issue of Princeton Historical Review


Letter from the Editors
Maddie Winter and Johanne Kjaersgaard

"Our Common Father": The Image of George III in Colonial America
Juan José López Haddad

The Constitutionality of Minimum Wage: The Legal Battles of Elsie Parrish and Frances Perkins for a Fair Day's Pay
Margaret Murphy

Finding Norman: The Many Selves of a Kindertransportee
Isaac Wills

The Saturated Jungle and The New York Times: Nature, Culture, and the Vietnam War
Dante Sudilovsky

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“Portrait of Germanicus I,” courtesy of Egisto Sani, via Creative Commons

Fall 2020

"Heir, General, Warlord: Germanicus Julius Caesar’s Campaigns in Germania in 14-16 C.E."
Adam McClain

"Seagulls Over Goa: The Life and Legacy in Dominic D'Souza"
Nora Aguiar

"The Role of the Islamic-Byzantine Frontier in Shaping the Tenth-Century Byzantine Reconquest Period"
Elizabeth Bailey

"Medicating for Two: How Gendered Burdens and Public Policy Undercut Efforts to Develop Male Hormonal Contraceptives in the United States"
Grace Lanouette






Princeton Historical Review cover Fall 2019

Fall 2019

"An Injection of Clarity and Urgency: Winston Churchill's 'Iron Curtain' Speech Creates a Stir"
William Brown

"Paper Tombstones: Geography of Memory in Khurbn Survivors' Memorial Maps, 1950-1960"
Rafi Lehmann

"Science Journalists as Cultural Agents: On the Construction of United States Media Coverage of In Vitro Fertilization, 1969-1979"
Caroline Castleman

"'Dickens Was Certainly Not a Historian': The Genesis, Publication, and Reception of A Child's History of England"
Sarah Benedict





Princeton Historical Review cover, Spring 2019, featuring Albert Einstein

Spring 2019

"The Boat People and The Bureaucracy: The Peopled History of Haitian Refugees in the United States, 1991-1993"
Avanti Divan

"It's All Relative: Albert Einstein and the League of Nations"
Amy Cass

"A Beggar and a Guinea: Britain's Rothschild Family and the Humanitarian Politics of the West Indian Loan and Jewish Reform, 1824-1835"
Jordan Antebi




LeMemea, Hon. M.K. Embassador from Samoa Islands

Fall 2018

"Trembling Though They Be: The Samoan Islands and the Creation of a U.S. Foothold in the South Pacific"
Dan Sullivan

"'Todos los hijos deseados y sólo los deseados': Fem As a Window onto the Intersectional Reproductive Justice Movement in Mexico"
Katherine Fleming

"'Flexing their Muscles of Intimidation': The New York Draft Riots of 1863 As a Crucial Point in the Development of the New York Police"
Sadie Van Vranken







Spring 2018 Princeton Historical Review

Spring 2018:

"The Forces Behind Growth in Women's Intercollegiate Athletics: A Grassroots History of Title IX in Its Early Years"
Jackson Springer

"The 1960 Agadir Earthquake: A Case Study of Disappearing Jewish Communities in Morocco"
Katie Tyler

"'Egypt' and Emancipation: An Exploration of Partisanship in Wartime Illinois"
Ian Iverson








The Princeton Historical Review Fall 2017

Fall 2017:

"Disrupting the Melting Pot: The Invention of the Black Educated Elite and the Performance of Citizenship in Post-Emancipation New York City, 1799-1863"
Gabriella Taylor

"Princeton's Lost Museum: Arnold Guyot's E.M. Museum and the Great Juncture of American Natural History Museums in the Late 19th Century"
Harrison Blackman

"Education, Narcissism, and Apartheid: The Progression of Student Activism on American Campuses"
Tyler Bozeman







Princeton Historical Review Fall 2016

Fall 2016:

"Memories of Anarcofeminismo: Mujeres Libres and Gender During the Spanish Civil War"
Tahireh Hicks

"Sally Frank Against the Eating Clubs: Influencing the Culture of Antifeminism"
Paige Alexis Shaw

"'Opeu nenamictiliztli:' Marriage as a Case-Study for Conversion in Sixteenth-Century New Spain"
Sergios Leos

"The Chairman's Wife Dances: Madame Mao and the Creation of the Model Chinese Ballets"
Claire Ashmead







Princeton Historical Review Spring 2016

Spring 2016:

"More Than Mere Ideology: Representations of the Taiping Rebellion in Maoist History Textbooks"
Kar Min Lim

"Americanos, Bolivianos, Chimanes: The Beni Biosphere Reserve and Modern Convervation in Latin America"
Marlis Hinckley

"A 'Small Crack' in the Wall: The Portrayal of Non-Conforming Families in the Political Rhetoric of the Postwar Era"
Avery Stewart

"'A City Chosen at Random': A Social History of Japanese-American Resettlement in Post-War Philadelphia"
Ryan Low