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When you choose to study history at Princeton, you choose an undergraduate experience that prepares you to be a thoughtful scholar. As a large, flexible department, we offer you the opportunity to truly explore your interests. As to where you take it, that part is up to you. The paths our alumni take are many, but all have benefitted from their time spent with the Department.

Why History?

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Life As a History Major

Concentrators must take at least one course in each of four areas: American, European, Non-Western, and Pre-Modern history.

In stages, concentrators advance toward the writing of the 75-page senior thesis based on original historical research. The History Department offers financial support, on a competitive basis, to seniors who travel to conduct archival research. In past years, the Department has supported travel to Germany, England, and South Africa. Thesis titles in recent years include "'Whether Christian, Moor, or Jew': Social Integration in Medieval Cuenca"; "Representations of the Dead in English Sculpture, 1427-1664"; "Maryland and the Secession Crisis, 1860- 61"; "Women's Participation in the Mexican Revolution," "De Gaulle and the French Empire, 1940-1944"; "The Detroit Race Riot of 1943"; and "A History of the Unix Operating System."

Major Prerequisites

Plan your path to majoring in history. View prerequisites.

How to Sign In / Declare

Get a step-by-step overview of how to sign in and declare your concentration.

Explore History 400 Seminars

Your History 400 Junior Seminar will mark your first step towards engaging with the kind of historical research you will conduct for your senior thesis.