History 400 Jr. Seminars: History Concentrators Only

Fall 2018 Junior Seminars

HIS 400 - S01 George III, American Revolution and Global Histories

This seminar examines both the American Revolution and the relationship between historical evidence and national myths and memories. Read more.

Instructor: Linda Colley
W 1:30 - 4:20 pm

HIS 400 - S02 Bandits, Mercenaries and Warlords

The history of war is usually told as the history of national or imperial armies and the great battles - from Carthage to Waterloo and Stalingrad - that changed the course of history. Read more.

Instructor: Molly Greene
M, W 1:30 - 2:50 pm

HIS 400 - S03 U.S. Imperialism in the Caribbean

This seminar examines the projection of U.S. power - political, economic, military, and cultural - into the wider Caribbean rim during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Read more.

Instructor: Robert Karl
W 1:30 - 4:20 pm

HIS 400 - S04 Remaking the World: International Order Between the Two World Wars

The catastrophic events of the First World War plunged the global order into crisis.  The great dynasties that had structured European and world relations for centuries met sudden and violent ends. Read more.

Instructor: Natasha Wheatley
W 1:30 - 4:20 pm

HIS 400 - S05 The Cold War

The Cold War looms over the history of the twentieth century. At once a geopolitical struggle between the United States and the Soviet Union and an ideological struggle between liberal democracy and communism, the Cold War transformed (and often deformed) national and international politics. Read more.

Instructor: William Schultz
M 1:30-4:20

HIS 400 - S06 The Fall of Rome and Its Aftermath

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire is the most famous historical narrative ever told.  An all-encompassing empire that controlled the known world from Scotland to Syria collapsed and in its place, sprung up small kingdoms ruled by brutal barbarians - Franks, Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Burgundians, and Vandals. Read more.

Instructor: Merle Eisenberg
M 1:30 - 4:20 pm

HIS 400 - S07 The American Revolution and the Making of U.S. Empire

In 1776, American Patriots seceded from an empire that they believed had grown corrupt, tyrannical, and threatening to the liberties they treasured as Britons. Read more.

Instructor: Michael A. Blaakman
W 1:30 - 4:20 pm