How to Declare

Information for Class of 2024

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The Department of History offers the opportunity to explore your interests through scholarly research, regular interaction with peers and faculty, and consistent support and guidance throughout your time in the department.

In addition, we offer unique opportunities such as small informal dinners with faculty at Prospect House, a welcome picnic in the fall, the opportunity to publish in our student-run journal Princeton Historical Review, a graduate mentor program and more.

Contact Judie Miller, Undergraduate Program Administrator OR Professor Janet Chen, Director of Undergraduate Studies, with any questions.  

Steps:

1. Indicate your concentration on TigerHub between March 24 - April 11 and complete your DAPF. If you plan to concentrate in History of Science, you may indicate this by selecting a sub-plan in TigerHub. The election of a sub-plan is optional; you may leave the field blank. If you are unsure about which sub-plan to elect or if you have questions, contact Judie Miller.

2. Beginning March 24, make an appointment with a History adviser. At this meeting you will:

  • review the courses you have taken to see which may serve as a prerequisite
  • select your History courses for the Fall 2022 term
  • select your History 400 Junior Seminar

PLEASE NOTE: All History Juniors must take a HIS 400 Jr Seminar in Fall 2022. You may view descriptions of seminar choices here. You will not be able to enroll in HIS 400 until you have declared your concentration; seminar sizes are limited. In addition to HIS 400, History concentrators must complete nine additional History courses including a set of thematic and geographical distribution requirements, two junior papers, a senior thesis and senior departmental examination to graduate,

Students who are interested in History of Science and have questions prior to declaring should contact Professor Jennifer Rampling.  

Have Questions?

If you have any questions feel free to contact History's Undergraduate Program Administrator, Judie Miller, or visit our Contacts page.

Welcome to History!