History Writing Group

History Writing Group

History Writing Group – Help for History JP and Thesis Writers

History Writing Group (HWG) is an open forum for juniors and seniors to discuss specific issues that you might be having in the writing process, talk about where you need to be in that process (and how you can catch up), review departmental policies and procedures regarding research and citations, workshop parts of your independent work that you've already written, listen to the concerns of your fellow writers, or just have a quiet space in which to write. Drop-ins welcome!

This year's History Writing Adviser is Abigail Sargent (ams5@).

Virtual Group Meetings

Fridays from 1-5pm EST Abigail Sargent will be holding virtual writing group meetings. These are meant to give you the motivational boost of a mini-boot-camp. We can set goals as we start out, and then come back together to debrief.

Just join the Slack channel (email Abigail for the link), and tell her and anyone else "there" what you're planning to work on, and for how long. You can join whenever you want and leave when you need to, but set yourself a goal reflective of how long you'll be focused on your project and really working. (In fact, it doesn't have to be just during the four-hour time frame, but she won't necessarily be monitoring it at other times.) This is a little more like how the dissertation boot camps work, so congrats on being promoted to an element of grad student life. Hopefully, it will be helpful to manufacture some solidarity as we move towards the thesis and J.P. deadlines.

Upcoming Meetings:

No Upcoming Events.