Special Projects

Department of History faculty are involved in a range of collaborative projects that seek to explore the world from the vantage point of multiple historical fields and academic disciplines.

Climate Change and History Research Initiative (CCHRI)

Climate Change and History Research Initiative (CCHRI) logo

This interdisciplinary project investigates the impact of climatic changes across the last two millennia on societies in two environmentally sensitive areas:

  • The eastern Mediterranean basin (including the Balkans, Anatolia and the Near and Middle East).
  • The eastern Eurasian steppe, in particular Mongolia and the regions north of China.

Public History Working Group

Under the direction of Rhae Lynn Barnes, the Public History Working Group provides advanced graduate students with professional development opportunities and training in digital technology, media, quantitative literacy, and editing for online publishing. The goal of this working group is to develop skills that could be used to acquire jobs both within and outside the academy.

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