Euchaita/Avkat: Partners

Avkat Project LogosThe project is managed from Princeton University, and in partnership with colleagues at Trent University, Ontario, College of Charleston, Birmingham University (UK), Fribourg University (Switzerland), Ankara University, Gazi University and Middle East Technical University (Turkey). We collaborate also with colleagues on the Butrint Project (Albania) and a number of field projects based in Turkey. The project is part of the British Institute at Ankara strategic research initiative Settlement history of Anatolia. Co-operation on the historical and historical geography aspects of the project is well-established with the Tabula Imperii Byzantini, of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

The Avkat Archaeological Project is also as a key element in the larger Medieval Logistics Project, and represents a long-term, international and multi-disciplinary project concerned with the investigation and reconstruction of human activity in the region. It focuses on the survey and excavation of the Bronze Age and later sites, and field surveys of its hinterland, and offers an excellent opportunity to pursue a regionally-based research agenda.