The Euchaita / Avkat Project

An interdisciplinary and international co-operative project

Archaelogical site in Anatolia

We are pleased to announce that the Avkat Archaeological Project field survey is now finished.

Begun in 2006, this was a collaborative archaeological-historical research project in north-central Anatolia that sought to integrate a number of different approaches to studying the past, using recent technological advances to integrate disparate datasets into a cohesive framework of analysis. The focus of the project was the late ancient and medieval city of Euchaïta, the center of the cult of the Byzantine soldier-saint Theodore, and the area around it.

After several years’ intensive fieldwork the project’s core team spent five years analyzing data and writing up results, which have now been published in a single volume: Archaeology and Urban Settlement in Late Roman and Byzantine Anatolia: Euchaita-Avkat-Beyözü and Its Environment (Cambridge, CUP 2018).

Much of the data, in particular the graphic material, could not be included in a hard-copy volume, so is accessible online at Open Context.


Landscape of Anatolia