Environmental History, Digitization, and GIS

Project Lead: Emmanuel Kreike

Environmental History, Digitization, and GISEmmanuel Kreike focuses on the intersection of war/violence/population movements, environment, and society. He is particularly interested in how violence (including, for example, colonial conquest, the apartheid wars, slave raiding) and ensuing forced migration led to the destruction of human landscapes and how people rebuild lives and livelihoods in often alien environments. He has taught courses in African history and environmental history at Princeton University as well as courses in forestry and environmental sciences in Namibia and South Africa. Emmanuel Kreike is currently researching the impact of the apartheid wars on southern Africa's environment and rural society from a transnational and comparative perspective. The project is based on field and archival research in Mozambique and South Africa (in 1996 and 1999-2000) and Namibia (1991-1993, 2000).

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