Global History Lab

Global History Lab logoPrinceton’s History Department is home to a diverse group of faculty and students working in the field of global history. We study the histories of Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas in international perspectives; we also explore the connections across and forces that divide regions from each other.

We have a broad conception of global history. For some of us, it means examining the flows of people, commodities, ideas, and institutions across national and regional boundaries and the ways in which these processes of contact, exchange, and integration affect regional and national dynamics. For others, global history also includes the ways in which regional and national dynamics shape global processes. We are also eclectic about the scale of analysis; some focus on micro-histories of transnational experiences; others are more engaged in research on global systems and regimes.

What unites us is our deep interest in narratives about and explanations of processes that transcend familiar national or local boundaries. 


In addition to our individual research projects, we have an active program of courses, workshops and conferences, including the Global History Workshop, international exchanges with our worldwide partnerships, and teaching global and oral history to displaced students (refugees) in Africa and the Middle East. These students learn and interact with Princeton University undergraduate students enrolled in HIS 201: A History of the World creating an international classroom experience, while also fulling the university's motto of being in the service of humanity.


Finally, we offer a sequence of courses for graduate and undergraduate students. In addition to a rich array of regional and thematic courses, each year we teach an undergraduate gateway “HIS 201: A History of the World.”

At the graduate level, we offer a two-semester sequence of seminars. The first covers the period from 1300-1850 and the second from 1850 to the present. View a list of current graduate courses.