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History of Science faculty and associated faculty regularly publish on topics of scolarly interest in the areas of science, technology, and medicine.

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How Reason Almost Lost Its Mind by Michael Gordin
By: Michael D. Gordin

In the United States at the height of the Cold War, roughly between the end of World War II and the early 1980s, a new project of redefining rationality commanded the attention of sharp minds, powerful politicians, wealthy foundations, and top mil

The Pseudo-Science Wars by Michael D. Gordin
By: Michael D. Gordin

Properly analyzed, the collective mythological and religious writings of humanity reveal that around 1500 BC, a comet swept perilously close to Earth, triggering widespread natural disasters and threatening the destruction of all life before settl

The Sounding of the Whale by D. Graham Burnett
By: D. Graham Burnett

From the Bible’s “Canst thou raise leviathan with a hook?” to Captain Ahab’s “From Hell’s heart I stab at thee!,” from the trials of Job to the legends of Sinbad, whales have breached in the human imagination as looming figures of terror, power, c

Edited by Keith Wailoo, Alondra Nelson, and Catherine Lee

Our genetic markers have come to be regarded as portals to the past.

Looking for a Few Good Males: Female Choice in Evolutionary Biology by Erika Milam
By: Erika Lorraine Milam

Why do female animals select certain mates, and how do scientists determine the answer?