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History of Science faculty and associated faculty regularly publish on topics of scolarly interest in the areas of science, technology, and medicine.

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Descartes and the Hyperbolic Quest by D. Graham Burnett
By: D. Graham Burnett

In 1629, the natural philosopher René Descartes enticed a young artisan to undertake a secretive project, one that promised to revolutionize early modern astronomy.

A Well-ordered Thing: Dmitrii Mendeleev And The Shadow Of The Periodic Table by Michael D. Gordin
By: Michael D. Gordin

Dmitrii Mendeleev: It's a name we recognize, but only as the disheveled scientist pictured in our high school chemistry textbook, the creator of the periodic table of elements.

The Animal Human Boundary Edited by Angela Creager & William Chester Jordan

The way in which humans articulate identities, social hierarchies, and their inversions through relations with animals has been a fruitful topic in anthropological and historical investigations for the last several years.

The Soundscape of Modernity by Emily Thompson
By: Emily Thompson

In this history of aural culture in early-twentieth-century America, Emily Thompson charts dramatic transformations in what people heard and how they listened. What they heard was a new kind of sound that was the product of modern technology.

The Life of a Virus: Tobacco Mosaic Virus as an Experimental Model, 1930-1965 by Angela Creager
By: Angela N. H. Creager

We normally think of viruses in terms of the devastating diseases they cause, from smallpox to AIDS. But in The Life of a Virus, Angela N. H.