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History of Science faculty and associated faculty regularly publish on topics of scolarly interest in the areas of science, technology, and medicine.

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Dying in the City of the Blues: Sickle Cell Anemia and the Politics of Race and Health by Keith A. Wailoo
By: Keith A. Wailoo

This groundbreaking book chronicles the history of sickle cell anemia in the United States, tracing its transformation from an "invisible" malady to a powerful, yet contested, cultural symbol of African American pain and suffering.

Masters of All They Surveyed by D. Graham Burnett
By: D. Graham Burnett

Chronicling the British pursuit of the legendary El Dorado, Masters of All They Surveyed tells the fascinating story of geography, cartography, and scientific exploration in Britain's unique South American colony, Guyana.

Cardano's Cosmos : The Worlds and Works of a Renaissance Astrologer by Anthony Grafton
By: Anthony Grafton

Girolamo Cardano was an Italian doctor, natural philosopher, and mathematician who became a best-selling author in Renaissance Europe.

The Architecture of Science Edited by Peter Galison and Emily Thompson

How do the spaces in which science is done shape the identity of the scientist and the self-conception of scientific fields? How do the sciences structure the identity of the architect and the practice of architecture in a specific period?

Drawing Blood: Technology and Disease Identity in Twentieth-Century America by Keith A. Wailoo
By: Keith A. Wailoo

In Drawing Blood, medical historian Keith Wailoo uses the story of blood diseases to explain how physicians in this century wielded medical technology to define disease, carve out medical specialties, and shape political agendas.