Stone / Davis Prize

To encourage sophisticated training and experience in historical research among history undergraduates, The Davis Center for Historical Studies awards a limited number of Lawrence Stone and Shelby Cullom Davis prize fellowships to rising seniors for their senior thesis projects. Award recipients will receive a cash grant of up to $6,000. To be considered, a student must have compiled an excellent record in departmental work, and must be recommended by a member of the department. The recommendation letter should be accompanied by a detailed research plan and budget written by the student.

Per University regulations, we will be covering allowable domestic travel and accommodation, as well as expenses designated by the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) for students to conduct research in University archives and libraries. Awards for 2022 will also be approved for remote research in accordance with the list of allowable expenses approved by the Office of Undergraduate Research. Please refer to the OUR website for details or check with the Davis Center funding administrators for clarification on what is and is not covered.

The last date to submit an application to SAFE with all supporting materials is Friday, March 18, 2022 at 11:59 pm.

For further information, contact the Davis Center Manager.


Nicholas Wooldridge
Proposed thesis title: The Politics of U.S. Naval Expansion, 1981-1989

Kyla Sears
Proposed thesis title: Barbary Corsairs and their Impact on European Foreign Policy

Elizabeth D. Bailey
Proposed thesis title: Cultural Exchange Along Frontiers between Christian and Muslim States in the 9th-12th Centuries

Stephanie B. Schrange
Proposed thesis title: The History of Fire in Australia

Caroline A. Buck
Proposed thesis title: A Siege of Truth: The Skewed History of Crusading Curriculum in Great Britain

Christian C. Maines
Proposed thesis title: From Constantinople to the Cyclades: Examining Middle-Byzantine Projections of Power in the South Aegean

Peter A. Foster
Proposed thesis title: Vive l'Argent: The Fortune and Ascent of the House of Orléans, 1680-1830

Nathaniel A. Hull
Proposed thesis title: The Historical Memory of Genocide for California Native Americans

Adam A. McClain
Proposed thesis title: Resistance Opposition in Trentino-Alto Adige

Alec D. Israeli
Proposed thesis title: The Labor Ideology of Cotton Planters in the Lower Mississippi Valley, 1845-1861

Roberto Hasbun
Proposed thesis title: From Slavery to Freedom: The Garifuna's Struggle for Visibility in Honduras, 1797-1900



Will H. Brown
Proposed thesis title: Impact and Reaction: Winston Churchill's Most Famous Speeches from the Summer of 1940

Bhadrajee S. Hewage
Proprosed thesis title: From Revival to Independence: Buddhism and the Ceylonese Nationalist Movement, 1880-1948

An Lanh Le
Proposed thesis title: White Gold, Red Earth: Labor Relations on Rubber Plantations in French Indochina During the Interwar Period

Rafi Y. Lehmann
Proposed thesis title: Geographies of Loss in Holocaust and Nakba Memorial Books

Abbie B. Minard
Proposed thesis title: The Vermont Marble Company: Restructuring Rural Society and Culture in Late-Nineteenth-Century Vermont

Ben Press
Proposed thesis title: Sir John Port, Tudor Legal Upheavals and the Emergence of Due Process

Audrey Spensley
Proposed thesis title: Edmund Du Cane and English Prison Reform, 1869-1895

Past Stone / Davis Prize Winners