Davis Seminar: Spring 2022 Schedule

Davis Center Seminar
Revolutionary Change

Fridays at 10:15 am - 12:00 pm ET
211 Dickinson and Zoom

The Shelby Cullom Davis Center Seminars present weekly programming on a variety of topics related to the Center's current theme. Visiting Fellows from academic institutions near and far help to create a rich understanding of the topic from diverse yet overlapping perspectives. The theme for the academic years 2020-21 and 2021-22 is “Revolutionary Change.”

The papers are pre-circulated and can be accessed one-week prior to the date of the seminar. The papers provide the password for the Zoom session. You may access the papers on SharePoint (login required).

January 28 -- Seminars will be online only

Christian Sahner, University of Oxford
"The Medieval Islamic World: A View from the Mountains"

Commentator: Eve Krakowski, Princeton University

February 4 -- Seminars will be online only

Simon Newman, University of Wisconsin
"Slavery and Resistance in Seventeenth-Century England: Revolution Then and Now"

Commentator: Fara Dabhoiwala, Princeton University

February 11

Juned Shaikh, University of California, Santa Cruz and Davis Fellow
"Revolutionary Conjunctures: Gangadhar Adhikari and the Roads Not Taken in Twentieth-Century India"

Commentator: Durba Mitra, Harvard University

February 18

Nathan Perl-Rosenthal, USC and Davis Fellow
"Ideas of Revolution in the Age of Revolution"

Commentator: Jeffrey Freedman, Yeshiva University

February 25

Neslihan Şenocak, Columbia University and Davis Fellow
"The Pastoral Revolution in Medieval Europe and the Emergence of the Moralizing State"

Commentator: Katherine Jansen, Catholic University

March 4

Gail Hershatter, University of California, Santa Cruz
"Notes from a Peripatetic Revolutionary"

Commentator: Janet Chen, Princeton University

March 18

Sara Johnson, University of California, San Diego
"Archival Fragments and Experimental Form: Writing a Communal Biography of Moreau de Saint-Méry"

Commentator:David Bell, Princeton University

March 25

Antoine Lilti, École des Hautes Études, Paris
"Enlightenment Universalism: A Contested Legacy"

Commentator: Thomas Dodman, Columbia University

April 1

Sara Kozameh, Princeton University and Davis Fellow
"Agrarian Reform or Death: Consolidation of Power in Revolutionary Cuba"

Commentator: Alejandro de la Fuente, Harvard University

April 8

Darrin McMahon, Dartmouth College
"Equality and the Horizon of Human Expectations"

Commentator: Greg Conti, Princeton University

April 15

Lawrence Glickman, Cornell University and Davis Fellow
"How Backlashes Have Shaped American Politics, 1865-Present"

Commentator: Sean Wilentz, Princeton University

Please note:  there is no session on April 22

May 6

Stephen Kotkin, Princeton University
"Revolutionary Change – Or Not?"

Commentator: Yanni Kotsonis, New York University