Davis Seminar: Spring 2022 Schedule

Davis Center Seminar
Revolutionary Change

Fridays at 10:15 am - 12:00 pm ET
211 Dickinson and Zoom

The Shelby Cullom Davis Center Seminars present weekly programming on a variety of topics related to the Center's current theme. Visiting Fellows from academic institutions near and far help to create a rich understanding of the topic from diverse yet overlapping perspectives. The theme for the academic years 2020-21 and 2021-22 is “Revolutionary Change.”

The papers are pre-circulated and can be accessed one-week prior to the date of the seminar. The papers provide the password for the Zoom session. You may access the papers on SharePoint (login required).

January 28

Christian Sahner, University of Oxford
The Medieval Islamic World: A View from the Mountains

Commentator: Eve Krakowski, Princeton University

February 4

Simon Newman, University of Wisconsin
"A Hidden Revolution: Racial Slavery in Restoration London"

Commentator: Fara Dabhoiwala, Princeton University

February 11

Juned Shaikh, University of California, Santa Cruz and Davis Fellow
"Revolutionary Conjunctures: Gangadhar Adhikari and the Roads Not Taken in Twentieth-Century India"

Commentator: Durba Mitra, Harvard University

February 18

Nathan Perl-Rosenthal, USC and Davis Fellow
"Generation Revolution: Political Lives in a Revolutionary Age, ca. 1760-1825"

Commentator: Jeffrey Freedman, Yeshiva University

February 25

Neslihan Şenocak, Columbia University and Davis Fellow
"The Pastoral Revolution in Medieval Europe and the Emergence of the Moralizing State"

Commentator: Katherine Jansen, Catholic University

March 4

Gail Hershatter, University of California, Santa Cruz
"Notes from a Peripatetic Revolutionary"

Commentator: Janet Chen, Princeton University

March 18

Sara Johnson, University of California, San Diego

Commentator: Nick Nesbitt, Princeton University

March 25

Antoine Lilti, École des Hautes Études, Paris
"Enlightenment Universalism: A Contested Legacy"

Commentator: Thomas Dodman, Columbia University

April 1

Sara Kozameh, Princeton University and Davis Fellow
"Harvest of Revolution: Agrarian Reform and the Making of Revolutionary Cuba, 1958-1970"

Commentator: Alejandro de la Fuente, Harvard University

April 8

Darrin McMahon, Dartmouth College
"Equality and the Horizon of Human Expectations"

Commentator: Greg Conti, Princeton University

April 15

Lawrence Glickman, Cornell University and Davis Fellow
"How Backlashes Have Shaped American Politics, 1865-Present"

Commentator: Sean Wilentz, Princeton University

April 22

Stephen Kotkin, Princeton University
"Revolutionary Change – Or Not?"

Commentator: Yanni Kotsonis, New York University