Past Themes

Part of our mission is to support methods of historical inquiry that cross disciplines and borders. As such, we have explored a range of themes that have brought together scholars from around the world. Often, these themes have inspired significant research and publications.

Current Theme 2022-24: Environment and Climate

2020-22: Revolutionary Change
2018-20: Law and Legalities
2016-18: Risk and Fortune
2014-16: In the Aftermath of Catastrophe
2012-14: Belief and Unbelief
2010-12: Authority and Legitimation
2008-10: Cultures and Institutions in Motion
2007-08: Fear
2005-07: Utopias and Dystopias
2003-05: Cities: Space, Society, and History
2001-03: Migration
1999-01: Conversion: Sacred and Profane
1998-99: Corruption
1996-98: Animals and Human Society
1994-96: Business, Enterprise and Culture
1992-94: Proof and Persuasion
1990-92: Colonialism, Imperialism, and the Colonial Aftermath
1988-90: Power and Responses to Power
1986-88: The Transmission of Culture
1984-86: Charity and Welfare
1982-84: War and Society
1980-82: Political Power and Ideology
1978-80: The History of the Professions
1976-78: History of the Family
1974-76: Popular Culture
1973-74: Popular Religion
1969-73: The History of Education

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