Popular Culture (1974-1976)

Filming a scene

During the academic years 1974/75 and 1975/76, the Shelby Cullom Davis Center for Historical Studies focused on the history of popular culture.

Topics Included:

  • Working class ideology and culture
  • Revolution, rebellion, and protest
  • Women, labor, and family
  • Elite vs. popular culture
  • Popular religion
  • Witchcraft and folk tradition
  • Public opinion, authority, propaganda, and censorship
  • Festival, celebration, and ritual
  • Leisure
  • Popular consciousness

Davis Center Fellows


  • William H. Beik, Northern Illinois University
  • Vernon L. Lidtke, Johns Hopkins University
  • Frederick D. Marquand, Syracuse University
  • Irving Scheiner, University of California, Berkeley


  • Ira Berlin, University of Maryland
  • Robert J. Bezucha, Northwestern University
  • Roger Chartier, École des Hautes de Études en Sciences Sociales
  • Herbert Gutman, City College of New York
  • Lynn Hollen Lees, University of Pennsylvania