Guidelines for Funding from CCH

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The Center for Collaborative History applies a strict rubric when considering funding:


  • All requests should be for an event or programming activity that is academic in nature and with a demonstrable historical component. Events that are claimed to be historic in nature (visits by dignitaries, inaugurations, etc.) are not considered.

  • While we will assist in bringing visitors to campus for supported events, we do not fund travel unless it is associated with a reciprocal scholarly exchange in which faculty accompany students to or from Princeton. 

  • Any events that do not take place on Princeton's campus must be easily accessible for faculty and students. In general this limits our range to the Philadelphia-New York corridor. 

  • We do not fund any events that take place on, or whose larger program clashes with, the Davis Center seminar, held each Friday morning.


Please allow 30 days for a response to funding applications. For more information on specific requests, please contact Jennifer Loessy at [email protected].


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