Junior Independent Work (JIW) Funding

The Davis Center awards a limited number of research grants to junior history and history of science concentrators to fund research for the spring independent work. These grants are aimed at encouraging students to reach beyond sources available at Princeton, for instance by visiting archives or libraries in New York, Philadelphia, or Washington, DC. Students may propose a trip further afield, but such a request must be well-justified.

To be considered, a student must have compiled a strong record in departmental work. The application requires a detailed research plan and budget and a letter of support from the faculty member advising the student’s junior paper. Award recipients will receive a cash grant of up to $500. Please apply through the SAFE website, which will solicit the necessary recommendation from your junior adviser.

Details of the application cycle for JIW Spring Funding will be announced to juniors early in the spring semester via email from the Undergraduate Office of the Department of History.

The deadline for the JIW Spring Funding application to SAFE with all supporting materials is Wednesday, March 1, 2023 at 11:59pm. Awards will be announced on Wednesday, March 10.

Please contact Jackie Wasneski, Administrative Coordinator for the Undergraduate Program, with any questions you may have about JIW Spring Funding grants.

2019-2020 Winner

Roberto Hasbun
Project title: Harvey Milk and Latinx LGBTQ Activism in San Francisco, 1970-1980


2018-2019 Winners

Theodore Goldstein
Project title: Spanish and Catalonian Responses to the French Revolution, 1789-1815

Maximilian B. Kim
Project title: Energy and Agriculture: Relations Between China, the Soviet Union, and North Korea

Vayne Ong
Project title: Public Housing and Community Organizing in New Orleans After Hurricane Betsy (1965)


2017-2018 Winners

Mikaela Gerwin
Project title: Violence against Spanish Jews in 1390

Nathaniel Moses
Project title: John Lightfoot

Lucas Ramos
Project title: Muccassassina: Rome's Queer Nightclubs and the Historical Legacy of Queer Primalism


2016-2017 Winners

Faridah Laffan
The Early Years of American Assyriology

Christian Pavlakos
The Commerce Clause in Reconstruction-Era New Jersey