Works in Progress: Schedule

Davis Center
Works in Progress

All talks will take place on Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m. ET. in 211 Dickinson Hall.

Wednesday, September 21

D.Graham Burnett, Princeton University
Histories of Attention

Wednesday, October 26

Molly Greene, Princeton University
Heading for the Hills in the Balkans

Wednesday, November 2

Helmut Reimitz, Princeton University
Legitimation Through Procedure: Roman Law, Barbarian Privilege and the Making of the Medieval Legal Landscape in the Late Antique West

Wednesday, November 9

Gyan Prakash, Princeton University
After Empire: Staging postcolonial culture in India

Wednesday, November 30

Isadora Moura Mota, Princeton University
On Their Own Terms: Literacy, Black Abolitionism, and the Archives of Afro-Brazilian History

Wednesday, February 8

Sheldon Garon, Princeton University
Blockades As a Transnational Strategy, 1905-45: The Perspective from Japan

Wednesday, February 22

Teresa Shawcross, Princeton University
Athens and Jerusalem in the Middle Ages

Monday, February 27

Michael Laffan, Princeton University
I am unable to eat currie and rice”: A Eurasian dynast at home in the Indian Ocean

Wednesday, March 29

Divya Cherian, Princeton University
The Witch and the Wild Man: Colonial Humanitarianism in Nineteenth-Century India

Wednesday, April 12

Xin Wen, Princeton University
A Museum in Medieval China: The “Forest of Stelae” in Chang’an, 900–1400