Doctoral Degrees Awarded


Sally Cochrane

Dissertation: "Science at the Nineteenth-Century École Des Beaux-Arts"
Advisers: Katja Guenther and D. Graham Burnett

Michael McGovern

Dissertation: "Justice in Numbers: Statistics and the Transformation of Civil Rights in Modern America"
Advisers: Keith Wailoo and Erika L. Milam

Jenne O'Brien

Dissertation: "Making the Manifold: Bernhard Riemann's Habilitation Lecture, Mathematics, and German Universities"
Adviser: Michael D. Gordin

David Robertson

Dissertation:  "Crazy Standards: The World Health Organization, Psychiatric Epidemiology, and the Remaking of Psychiatry"
Adviser: Keith A. Wailoo

Jeremy Schneider

Dissertation: "Reawakening the Ammonites: A History of the Lost World, 1500-1900"
Advisers: Anthony Grafton and Jennifer Rampling

Richard Spiegel

Dissertation: "Attention and Society: The Politics of Consciousness in Central Europe, 1720–1890"
Advisers: Katja Guenther and Anthony Grafton

Jay I. Stone

Dissertation: "Sweet Deception: A History of the Health Politics of Saccharin in the United States"
Adviser: Keith A. Wailoo


Alison McManus

Dissertation: "The Other Chemists' War: The Uses, Dual Uses, and Abuses of Chemical Weapons in World War II"
Adviser: Michael D. Gordin

Florencia Pierri

Dissertation: "Beastly Encounters: Animals in Early Modern Europe"
Adviser: Anthony Grafton

Ohad Reiss Sorokin

Dissertation: "I [Suffer] Unfortunately from Intellectual Hunger": The Geistkreis, Desire for Knowledge, and the Transformation of Intellectual Life in the Twentieth Century"
Adviser: Katja Guenther

Gina Surita

Dissertation: "The "Currency of the Cell": Energy Cycles and the Remaking of Metabolism, 1900 – 1970"
Adviser: Angela N. H. Creager

Spencer Weinreich

Dissertation: "Slow Tampering: A History of Solitary Confinement"
Adviser: Anthony Grafton


Joshua Bauchner

Dissertation: "The Lives of the Mind: Scientific Concept and Everyday Experience from Psychophysics to Psychoanalysis"
Advisers: Katja Guenther and D. Graham Burnett

Kathryn Maxson Jones

Dissertation: "'That Rose from the Sea to Astound Us': Aquatic Biology, Neurons, and the Transformation of Neurobiology, 1891-1952"
Adviser: Angela N. H. Creager


David Dunning

Dissertation: "Writing the Rules of Reason: Notations in Mathematical Logic, 1847–1937"
Adviser: Michael D. Gordin

Charles Ashley Kollmer

Dissertation: "From Elephant to Bacterium: Microbial Culture Techniques and Chemical Orders of Nature, 1875 – 1946"
Adviser: Angela N. H. Creager


Elaine Ayers

Dissertation: "Strange Beauty: Botanical Collecting, Preservation, and Display in the Nineteenth-Century Tropics"
Advisers: D. Graham Burnett, Erika Lorraine Milam

Ezelle Sanford III

Dissertation: "A Source of Pride, a Vision of Progress: The Homer G. Phillips Hospital of St. Louis, MO (1937-1979)"
Adviser: Keith A. Wailoo


Anthony Acciavatti

Dissertation: "Schools to Satellites: Enlightening and Entertaining Village India (1908-1974)"
Adviser: D. Graham Burnett

Emily Kern

Dissertation: "Out of Asia: A Global History of the Scientific Search for the Origins of Humankind, 1800-1965"
Advisers: Erika Milam and Michael Gordin

Ingrid Ockert

Dissertation: "The Scientific Storytellers: How Educators, Scientists, and Actors Televised Science"
Adviser: Erika Milam

Felix Reitmann

Dissertation: "Seeing the Infant: Audiovisual Technologies and the Mind Sciences of the Child"
Adviser: Keith Wailoo, Katja Guenther

Benjamin Sacks

Dissertation: "Creating the Atlantic Port Town: Surveyors, Networks, and Geographies, 1670-1763"
Adviser: Linda Colley, David Bell


Edna Bonhomme

Dissertation: "Plagued Bodies and Spaces: Medicine, Trade, and Death in Ottoman Egypt and Tunisia, 1705-1830 CE"
Adviser: D. Graham Burnett

Wangui Muigai

Dissertation: "An Awful Gladness: African American Experiences of Infant Death from Slavery to the Great Migration"
Adviser: Keith Wailoo


Michael Barany

Dissertation: "Distributions in Postwar Mathematics"
Advisers: Michael Gordin, Angela Creager

Gregory Ferguson-Cradler

Dissertation: "Liberalism in Numbers Only: Science, Politics, and State Power in Postwar Global Fisheries Management"
Adviser: Michael Gordin

Reut Harari

Dissertation: "Medicine on the Battlefield: the History of Military Media in Modern Japan"
Advisers: Sheldon Garon, Benjamin Elman

Evan Hepler-Smith

Dissertation: "Nominally Rational: Systematic Nomenclature and the Structure of Organic Chemistry, 1889-1940"
Adviser: Michael Gordin

Adrian Young

Dissertation: "Mutiny's Bounty: Anthropologists, Pitcairn Islanders, and the Making of a Natural Laboratory on the Edge of Britain's South Seas Empire"
Adviser: D. Graham Burnett


Henry Cowles

Dissertation: "A Method Only: The Evolving Meaning of Science in the United States, 1830-1910"
Adviser: Daniel Rodgers

Nadia Wadzinski

Dissertation: "Current Events: Galvanism and the World of Scientific Information, 1790-1830"
Advisers: Michael Gordin, Linda Colley


Hannah-Louise Clark

Dissertation: ""Doctoring the 'Bled': Medical Auxiliaries and the Administration of Rural Life in Colonial Algeria, 1904-1954""
Adviser: Katja Guenther

Victoria Lee

Dissertation: "The Arts of the Microbial World: Biosynthetic Technologies in Twentieth-Century Japan"
Advisers: Angela Creager, Benjamin Elman

Margaret Schotte

Dissertation: "A Calculated Course: Creating Transoceanic Navigators, 1580-1800"
Adviser: Anthony Grafton

Daniel Trambaiolo

Dissertation: "Writing, Authority and Practice in Tokugawa Medicine, 1650-1850"
Advisers: Benjamin Elman, Federico Marcon


Ksenia Tatarchenko

Dissertation: ""A House with the Window to the West": The Akademgorodok Computer Center (1958-1993)"
Adviser: Michael Gordin


Samar Abou-Nemeh

Dissertation: "Nicolas Hartsoeker's Systeme of Nature: Physics by Conjecture and Optics by Design in Early Modern Europe"
Adviser: Anthony Grafton

Howard Chiang

Dissertation: "Why Sex Mattered: Science and Visions of Transformation in Modern China"
Advisers: Benjamin Elman, Angela Creager

William Deringer

Dissertation: "Calculated Values: A Political History of Economic Numbers in Britain, 1688-1738"
Advisers: Michael Gordin, Linda Colley

Carolyn Eisert

Dissertation: "Psychological Understandings of the Contraceptive Pill Patient in the U.S., 1960-1975"
Adviser: Daniel Rodgers

Yulia Frumer

Dissertation: "A Matter of Time: Mechanical Clocks in Edo Period Sciences"
Adviser: Benjamin Elman

Aviva Rothman

Dissertation: "'Far from Every Strife’: Kepler's Search for Harmony in an Age of Discord"
Adviser: Anthony Grafton


Benjamin Gross

Dissertation: "Crystallizing Innovation: The Emergence of the LCD at RCA, 1951-1976"
Adviser: Michael Gordin

Nam Nathan Ha

Dissertation: "A History of Sex Determination and Genetics in the Twentieth-Century"
Adviser: Angela Creager

Christopher McDonald

Dissertation: "Building the Information Society: A History of Computing as a Mass Medium"
Adviser: Michael Gordin


Melinda Baldwin

Dissertation: "Nature and the Making of a Scientific Community, 1869-1939"
Adviser: Michael Gordin


Daniel Bouk

Dissertation: "The Science of Difference: Developing Tools for Discrimination in the American Life Insurance Industry, 1830-1930"
Adviser: Daniel Rodgers

Renee Raphael

Dissertation: "Galileo’s Discorsi at the University of Pisa and the Jesuit Collegio Romano, 1638-1700: A Study of the Reception of Galileo's Mechanics"
Adviser: Anthony Grafton

Alistair Sponsel

Dissertation: "Coral Reef Formation and the Sciences of Earth, Life, and Sea, c. 1770 to 1952"
Advisers: Angela Creager, D. Graham Burnett


Jakub Novak

Dissertation: "Alfred Russel Wallace’s and August Weismann’s Evolution: A Story Written on Butterfly Wings"
Adviser: Angela Creager

Rebecca Press Schwartz

Dissertation: "The Making of the Atomic Bomb: Henry DeWolf Smyth and the Historiography of the Manhattan Project"
Adviser: M. Norton Wise

Jeris Stueland

Dissertation: "How Experiments Are Remembered: The Discovery of Nuclear Fission: 1938‐1968"
Adviser: Michael Gordin

Doogab Yi

Dissertation: "The Recombinant University: Genetic Engineering and the Emergence of Biotechnology at Stanford, 1959‐1980"
Adviser: Angela Creager


James S. Byrne

Dissertation: "The Stars, the Moon, and the Shadowed Earth: Viennese Astronomy in the Fifteenth Century"
Adviser: Michael Mahoney

John P. DiMoia

Dissertation: "Hanmi Hyŏpcho (Korean‐American Cooperation) and the Origins of South Korean State Science (1945‐1975)"
Advisers: Benjamin Elman, Elizabeth Lunbeck

Tania Munz

Dissertation: "Of Birds and Bees: Karl Von Frisch, Konrad Lorenz and the Science of Animals, 1908‐1973"
Adviser: Angela Creager

Catherine Nisbett Becker

Dissertation: "Business Practice: The Rise of American Astrophysics, 1859‐1919"
Adviser: Michael Gordin

Nicholas S. Popper

Dissertation: "Walter Ralegh’s History of the World and the Historical Culture of the Late Renaissance"
Adviser: Anthony Grafton


Joe G. Conley II

Dissertation: "Environmentalism Contained: A History of Corporate Responses to the New Environmentalism"
Adviser: Daniel Rodgers

Ole R. Molvig

Dissertation: "Cosmological Revolutions: Relativity, Astronomy, and the Shaping of a Modern Universe"
Adviser: M. Norton Wise

Jane H. Murphy

Dissertation: "Improving the Mind and Delighting the Spirit: Jabarti and the Sciences in Eighteenth‐Century Ottoman Cairo"
Adviser: Michael Mahoney

Carla S. Nappi

Dissertation: "The Monkey of the Inkpot: Natural History and Its Transformations in Early Modern Adviser: Susan Naquin

Joseph A. November

Dissertation: "Digitizing Life: The Introduction of Computers to Biology and Medicine"
Adviser: Angela Creager


Daniela Bleichmar

Dissertation: "Visual Culture in Eighteenth‐Century Natural History"
Adviser: Anthony Grafton

Matthew H. Wisnioski

Dissertation: "Engineers and the Intellectual Crisis of Technology, 1957‐1973"
Adviser: Michael Mahoney


Emily K. Brock

Dissertation: "Replanting the Douglas Fir Forest: Forest Science and Forest Practice in the Pacific Northwest, 1890-1945"
Adviser: Andrew Isenberg

James M. Turner

Dissertation: "The Promise of Wilderness: A History of American Environmental Politics, 1964‐1994"
Adviser: Andrew Isenberg


Jamie Cohen-Cole

Dissertation: "Thinking About Thinking in Cold War America"
Adviser: Elizabeth Lunbeck

Marwa El Shakry

Dissertation: "Darwin's Legacy in the Arab East: Science, Religion and Politics, 1870-1914"
Adviser: Robert Tignor

Suman Seth

Dissertation: "Principles and Problems: Constructions of Theoretical Physics in Imperial Germany, 1890 - 1918"
Adviser: M. Norton Wise


David Berol

Dissertation: "Living Materials and the Structural Ideal: The Development of the Protein Crystallography Community in the 20th Century"
Adviser: Angela Creager


Eric Ash

Dissertation: ""The Skylfullest men": Patronage, Authority, and the Negotiation of Expertise in Elizabethan England"
Adviser: Anthony Grafton

David Attis

Dissertation: "The Ascendancy of Mathematics: Mathematics, Politics, and Education at Trinity College Dublin, 1790-1916"
Adviser: M. Norton Wise

Ann Johnson

Dissertation: "Engineering Culture and the Production of Proprietary Knowledge: An Intellectual History of Anti-Lock Braking Systems, 1958-1978"
Adviser: Michael Mahoney


David Aubin

Dissertation: "A Cultural History of Catastrophes and Chaos: Around the Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques, France"
Adviser: M. Norton Wise

Ross Bassett

Dissertation: "New Technology, New People, New Organizations: The Rise of the MOS Transistor, 1945- 1975"
Adviser: Michael Mahoney

Otniel Dror

Dissertation: "Modernity and the Scientific Study of Emotions, 1880-1950"
Adviser: Gerald Geison

Mingjie Hu

Dissertation: "Merging Chinese and Western Mathematics: The Introduction of Algebra and the Calculus in China, 1859-1903"
Adviser: Michael Mahoney

Jordan Kellman

Dissertation: "Discovery and Enlightenment at Sea: Exploration, Discovery and Observation: French Maritime Science, 1695-1795"
Adviser: Gerald Geison


Leo Slater

Dissertation: "Organic Synthesis and R.B. Woodward: An Historical Study in the Chemical Sciences"
Adviser: M. Norton Wise

James Strick

Dissertation: "The British Spontaneous Generation Debates of 1860-1880: Medicine, Evolution, and Laboratory Science in the Victorian Context"
Adviser: Gerald Geison


Gabriel Finkelstein

Dissertation: "Emil du Bois-Reymond: The Making of a Liberal German Scientist, 1818-1851"
Adviser: Gerald Geison

Stuart McCook

Dissertation: "The Agricultural Awakening of Latin America: Science, Development, and Nature 1900 – 1930"
Adviser: Gerald Geison

Andrew John Mendelsohn

Dissertation: "Cultures of Bacteriology: Formation and Transformation of a Science in France and Germany, 1870-1914"
Adviser: Gerald Geison

George Sweetnam

Dissertation: "The Command of Light: Rowland's School of Physics and the Spectrum"
Adviser: M. Norton Wise


Theodore Arabatzis

Dissertation: "The Electron: A Biographical Sketch of a Theoretical Entity"
Adviser: M. Norton Wise


John Carson

Dissertation: "Talents, Intelligence, and the Construction of Human Difference in France and America, 1750-1920"
Adviser: Daniel Rodgers

Paul Lucier

Dissertation: "Scientists and Swindlers: Coal, Oil, and Scientific Consulting in the American Industrial Revolution, 1830-1870"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie


Anne Larsen

Dissertation: "Not Since Noah: The English Scientific Zoologists and the Craft of Collecting, 1800-1840"
Adviser: Gerald Geison

Richard Sorrenson

Dissertation: "Scientific Instrument Makers at the Royal Society of London, 1720-1780"
Adviser: Michael Mahoney


Ken Arnold

Dissertation: "Cabinets for the Curious: Practicing Science in Early Modern English Museums"
Adviser: Michael Mahoney

Giovanna Cifoletti

Dissertation: "Mathematics and Rhetoric: Peletier and Gosselin and the Making of the French Algebraic Tradition"
Adviser: Anthony Grafton

Emily Thompson

Dissertation: "'Mysteries of the Acoustic': Architectural Acoustics in America, 1800-1932"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie


Ann Blair

Dissertation: "Restaging Jean Bodin: The Universae Naturae Theatrum (1596) in Its Cultural Context"
Adviser: Anthony Grafton

Ronald Doel

Dissertation: "Unpacking a Myth: Interdisciplinary Research and the Growth of Solar System Astronomy, 1920-1958"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie

David Kushner

Dissertation: "The Emergence of Geo-Physics in Nineteenth-Century Britain"
Adviser: Gerald Geison

Andrea Rusnock

Dissertation: "The Quantification of Things Human: Medicine and Political Arithmetic in Enlightenment England and France"
Adviser: Gerald Geison

YiYi Wu

Dissertation: "Auspicious Omens and Their Consequences: Zen-Ren, A.D. 1006-1066, Literati's Perception of Astral Anomalies"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie


Antoni Malet

Dissertation: "Studies on James Gregorie, 1638-1675"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie

Federik Nebeker

Dissertation: "The Twentieth-Century Transformation of Meterology"
Adviser: Michael Mahoney

Erik Sageng

Dissertation: "Colin MacLaurin and the Foundations of the Method of Fluxions"
Adviser: Michael Mahoney

Chikara Sasaki

Dissertation: "Descartes's Mathematical Thought"
Adviser: Michael Mahoney


James Fleming

Dissertation: "Meteorology in America, 1814 -1874: Theoretical, Observational, and Institutional
Adviser: Charles Gillispie


Thomas Broman

Dissertation: "The Transformation of Academic Medicine in Germany, 1780-1820"
Adviser: Gerald Geison

Lawrence Owens

Dissertation: "Straight-Thinking: Vannevar Bush and the Culture of American Engineering"
Adviser: Michael Mahoney

Mark Walker

Dissertation: "Uranium Machines, Nuclear, Explosives and National Socialism: The German Quest for Nuclear Power, 1939-1958"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie


Monica Green

Dissertation: "The Transmission of Ancient Theories of Female Physiology and Disease Through the Early Middle Ages"
Adviser: Gerald Geison


Peter Dear

Dissertation: "Mersenne and the Learning of the Schools: Continuity and Transformation in the Scientific Revolution"
Adviser: Michael Mahoney

Joseph Marchese

Dissertation: "Government and Energy: The Demonstration Program for Synthetic Liquid Fuels, 1944- 1955"
Adviser: J. W. Servos


Geoffrey Sutton

Dissertation: "A Science for a Polite Society: Cartesian Natural Philosophy in Paris During the Reigns of Louis XIII and XIV"
Adviser: Michael Mahoney


Joann Morse

Dissertation: "The Reception of Diophantus' Arithmetic in the Renaissance"
Adviser: Michael Mahoney

Theodore Porter

Dissertation: "The Calculus of Liberalism: The Development of Statistical Thinking in the Social and Natural Sciences of the Nineteenth Century"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie

Robert Root-Bernstein

Dissertation: "The Ionists: Founding Physical Chemistry, 1872-1890"
Adviser: J. W. Servos

James Secord

Dissertation: "Cambria/Siluria: The Anatomy of a Victorian Geological Debate"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie


David Allison

Dissertation: "The Origin of Radar at the Naval Research Laboratory: A Case Study of Mission-Oriented Research and Development"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie

Yung Sik Kim

Dissertation: "The World-View of Chu Hsi (1130-1200): Knowledge about the Natural World in Chu-Tzu Ch'usn-shu"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie

Steven J. Ross

Dissertation: "Workers on the Edge: Work, Leisure and Politics in Industrializing Cincinnati, 1830-1890"
Adviser: Arthur Link


Penelope J. Maddy

Dissertation: "Set Theoretic Realism"
Adviser: J. Burgess


David Fair

Dissertation: "Representation Relative Abstract Object Idealism: A Theory of Metaphysics with Applications to Mathematics, Fiction and Universals"
Adviser: D. Lewis

Christine Elizabeth Fee

Dissertation: "Science and the 'Women Question' 1860-1920: A Study of English Scientific Periodicals"
Adviser: Gerald Geison

Bruce Wheaton

Dissertation: "On the Nature of X and Gamma Rays. Attitudes Toward Localization of Energy in the 'New Radiations'"
Adviser: T. S. Kuhn


John Lesch

Dissertation: "The Origins of Experimental Physiology and Pharmacology in France, 1790-1820; Bichat and Magendie"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie

Evan Melhado

Dissertation: "Jac. Berzeluis: Foundations and Development of His Chemistry"
Adviser: T. S. Kuhn

John Schuster

Dissertation: "Descartes and the Scientific Revolution: 1618-1634, an Interpretation"
Adviser: Michael Mahoney

Daniel Serwer

Dissertation: "The Rise of Radiation Protection: Science, Medicine and Technology in Society, 1896-
Adviser: T. S. Kuhn

M. Norton Wise

Dissertation: "The Flow Analogy to Electricity and Magnetism: Kelvin and Maxwell"
Adviser: T. S. Kuhn


Toby Anita Appel

Dissertation: "The Cuvier-Geoffroy Debate and the Structure of 19th-Century French Zoology"
Adviser: Gerald Geison

Glenn Kessler

Dissertation: "Numbers, Truth and Knowledge"
Adviser: P. Benacerraf

Ian Langham

Dissertation: "The Maturing of Social Anthropology at Cambridge: W.J.R. Rivers and His Disciples in the Development of Kinship Studies, 1898-1931"
Adviser: Gerald Geison


Kenneth Caneva

Dissertation: "Conceptual and Generational Change in German Physics: The Case of Electricity, 1800-
Adviser: T. S. Kuhn

Michael Gross

Dissertation: "Function and Structure in 19th-Century French Physiology"
Adviser: Gerald Geison

James McClellan

Dissertation: "The International Organization of Science and Learned Societies in the 18th Century"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie


Bert Hansen

Dissertation: "Nicole Oresme and the Marvels of Nature: A Critical Edition of His Quodilberta with English Translation and Commentary"
Adviser: M. Clagett

Philip Kitcher

Dissertation: "Mathematics and Certainty"
Advisers: P. Benacerraf, Michael Mahoney

Kenneth Levin

Dissertation: "Sigmund Freud's Early Studies of the Neuroses, 1886-1905"
Adviser: Gerald Geison

Tadashi Yoshida

Dissertation: "The Rangaku of Shizuki Tadao: The Introduction of Western Science in Tokugawa Japan"
Adviser: M. Jansen


R. Steven Turner

Dissertation: "The Prussian Universities and the Research Imperative, 1806-1848"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie


John Earman

Dissertation: "Some Aspects of Temporal Asymmetry"
Adviser: C. Hempel

Eugene Frankel

Dissertation: "Jean Baptiste Biot: The Career of a Physicist in Nineteenth-Century France"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie


Arthur Donovan

Dissertation: "The Origins of Pneumatic Chemistry"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie

Harold I. Dorn

Dissertation: "The Art of Building and the Science of Mechanics: A Study of the Union of Theory and Practice in the Early History of Structural Analysis in England"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie

Jagdish Hattiangadi

Dissertation: "Notes on the Theory of Rationality"
Adviser: C. Hempel

Arthur Quinn

Dissertation: "Evaporation and Repulsion: A Study of English Corpuscular Philosophy from Newton to Franklin"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie


Lewis Creary

Dissertation: "The Pragmatic Justification of Induction: A Critical Examination"
Adviser: C. Hempel

Sigalia Dostrovsky

Dissertation: "The Origins of Vibration Theory: The Scientific Revolution and the Nature of Music"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie

Thomas J. Nickles

Dissertation: "The Structure and Interrelationship of Physical Theories"
Adviser: C. Hempel


Theodore Brown

Dissertation: "The Mechanical Philosophy and the Animal Oeconomy: A Study in the Development of English Physiology in the 17th and Early 18th Century"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie

C. Stewart Gillmor

Dissertation: "Charles Augustin Coulomb: Physics and Engineering in Eighteenth-Century France"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie

Richard E. Grandy

Dissertation: "On Farmalist Philosophies of Math"
Adviser: P. Benacerraf

Robert H. Silliman

Dissertation: "Augustin Fresnel (1788-1827) and the Establishment of the Wave Theory of Light"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie


Baruch Brody

Dissertation: "The Rise of the Algebra of Logic"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie

Michael Mahoney

Dissertation: "The Royal Road: The Development of Algebraic Analysis from 1500-1650, with Special Reference to the Work of Pierre de Fermat"
Adviser: T. S. Kuhn


Lawrence Laudan

Dissertation: "The Idea of a Physical Theory from Galileo to Newton: Studies in 17th-Century Methodology"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie

Seymour Mauskopf

Dissertation: "Molecular Structure and Composition: The Interaction of Crystallography, Chemistry and Optics in the Early Nineteenth Century"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie


Michael R. McVaugh

Dissertation: "The Medieval Theory of Compound Medicines"
Adviser: Charles Gillispie