Dossier Service

The Dossier Service provides a centralized online location for materials for job, postdoc and fellowship applications. Students can upload some of their own documents (e.g. cover letters, CV, writing samples, etc.) The department can upload confidential documents such as letters of recommendation. Students will then have access to see which letters of recommendation can be sent on their behalf without access to the content of the letter of recommendation. The History Department uses Interfolio to support its dossier service.

The Dossier Administrator will assist faculty in loading their letters of recommendation into the dossier system and submitting their letters of recommendation to specific applications at the student's request.

The information below is meant to guide you through using the Dossier Service. Some materials are password protected. If you have any questions or need the password, do not hesitate to reach out to the Dossier Administrator, Lee Horinko.

Important Timelines

Season How to Prepare
Spring Start putting together your application materials.

Ask faculty to send general letters to the Dossier Service account email by August 15.

Submit Interfolio Letter Requests for each letter to the Dossier Service account email by August 15.

Fall Application Season reaches its peak between September 1st and November 15.

Tasks to Accomplish Before the Application Is Due

Days Before the Application Is Due What to Do
21 to 24 days before Request letter to be sent to the Dossier Service Account email.
7 to 10 days before Letter and Interfolio Request are due to the Dossier Service account email.
1 to 4 days before Submit Interfolio Delivery Request.

Guides and Step-By-Step Instructions

Interfolio Coversheet

The Interfolio Coversheet provides an overview of the Department's Interfolio support and a quick guide to Interfolio.

Interfolio Primer

The Interfolio Primer is a walk-through guide of how to use Interfolio and the Dossier Service, as well as a FAQ/troubleshooting guide.

A video going over the primer steps is also available.

Slides on the Dossier

In addition to a full primer/manual on using Interfolio with the Department's Dossier Service, please find the information broken down into bite-size chunks in our Dossier Overview, which includes an overview of the Dossier Service, work flow chart, and timelines.

Archived Dossier System Documents

Need information on the old Dossier System? You can find the old primers and links in our Archived Dossier System Documents.

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