Placement Information


Department Placement Information


PhD Long-Term Career Outcomes breaks down Graduate School outcome data by Division—Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Engineering.

Job Reports and National Placement Statistics

American Academy of Arts and Science Humanities Indicators

The Humanities Indicators compiled by the Academy of Arts & Sciences uses statistical data to address questions about primary/secondary education, higher education at the graduate and undergraduate levels, humanities workforce and humanities in public life. Reports on the Workforce specifically “Career Paths of Graduates with Advanced Degrees in the Humanities” may be of interest when examining PhD Placement data in a broader context.

Job Reports – American Historical Association

The AHA puts out an annual report on the state of the job market for historians based on the jobs listed with them in the past year. These jobs reports are often used to interpret trends in the job market. For more information, check out the 2022 Jobs Report.

Where Historians Work – American Historical Association

The AHA’s Career Diversity initiative has compiled data on where history PhDs are working. The data is a snapshot of where individuals who earned their PhD were employed at the time the data was captured.