Tempestarius Rex: Weather and Political Climate in the Carolingian World
Sep 22, 2023
Modern Europe Workshop | Camille Robcis, Columbia University
“The Beijing Women’s Conference and the Birth of Anti-Genderism”
Sep 18, 2023
Jennifer M. Rampling, "Citrination and Its Discontents: Yellow as a Sign of Alchemical Change"
Sep 18, 2023
Concrete Liquidity: Unmeetings of Labor and Capital in a Chinese Canadian Offshore
Sep 15, 2023
Final Public Oral Exam: Robert Yee
The Rise of Expert Opinion: The Bank of England and Interwar Economic Governance, 1914–1940
Sep 12, 2023
Final Public Oral Exam: Jeremy Schneider
Reawakening the Ammonites: A History of the Lost World, 1500-1900
Sep 11, 2023
Final Public Oral Exam: Saumyashree Ghosh
Beyond Sovereignty: Governance and Islam in India's Southern Littoral, circa 1700-1900
Sep 8, 2023
Final Public Oral Exam: Daniel Ewert
Punitive Paperwork: Fingerprinting and Criminal Background Checks in Modern America
Sep 8, 2023
Final Public Oral Exam: Min Tae Cha
Constitutional Religion: Presbyterianism between the British and American Empires
Aug 30, 2023