Early Modern History Workshop | Joanna Hope Toohey, Princeton University

Early Modern History Workshop (EMH)
Event date: 
March 2, 2023 - 12:00pm to 1:20pm
Joanna Hope Toohey
Princeton University
Seminar Series: 
Early Modern History Workshop

"Creating the French Revolutionary Ideal: Revolutionary Personhood in the Pantheonizations of Voltaire and Rousseau, 1791–1794"

Joanna Hope Toohey, Princeton University

Location: 210 Dickinson Hall & Zoom

Registration is required to attend.

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A boxed lunch will be provided to those who register for the workshop. Boxed lunches will be available prior to and after the workshop. We kindly ask that workshop attendees refrain from eating during the workshop.

The pre-circulated paper will be available one-week prior to the workshop. The paper will be available to the Princeton University community via SharePoint.

All others should request a copy of the paper by emailing Jennifer Loessy at jloessy@princeton.edu.

Lilian Datchev
Area of Interest: 
Intellectual History
War & Society
17th & 18th Centuries