European History Research Seminar | Disha Jani & Jack Gunther

Tuesday, March 22, 2022, 1:30 pm3:00 pm
Princeton University



Event Description

European History Research Seminar

Location: Zoom & 230 Dickinson Hall

Featured Scholars:

“The Satanic Dance: The League Against Imperialism and Fascism, 1933-1937”
Disha Jani, Princeton University

“Continuity and Rupture in German Imperialism: A View from Hamburg, 1896-1941”
Jack Gunther, Princeton University

If you are not currently enrolled in HIS 580, registration is required to attend. Register using the google form link below.

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is only available to current Princeton University students, faculty, and staff. It is not open to the public at large.

Please join us to workshop these draft dissertation chapters by modern and early modern Europeanist graduate students in the Department of History. The seminar will take place in 230 Dickinson Hall, with the hybrid option of joining the seminar over zoom; the only exception is the last session on April 12, which will take place over zoom only. Papers (of no more than 30 pages) will be pre-circulated a week in advance. On March 22 and April 5, the seminar will be followed by afternoon tea in the Faculty Lounge.

All are warmly welcome. We hope the seminar will nurture not only these dissertations-in-the-making but also conversations between sub-fields and across cohorts, as well the broader community of Europeanists at Princeton. Feel free to contact Natasha Wheatley ([email protected]) with any questions.

Prof. Natasha Wheatley
Scholarly Series
Modern Europe Workshop