Modern America Workshop | Rudy P. Guevarra Jr, Arizona State University

Book Talk | “Aloha Compadre: Latinxs in Hawai’i”
Friday, March 29, 2024, 3:00 pm4:30 pm



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Book Talk | “Aloha Compadre: Latinxs in Hawai’i”

Rudy P. Guevarra Jr, Arizona State University

This book talk is open to the public. Registration is only required for those who wish to attend virtually via Zoom.

Aloha Compadre: Latinxs in Hawaiʻi is the first book to examine the collective history and contemporary experiences of the Latinx population of Hawaiʻi. This study reveals that contrary to popular discourse, Latinx migration to Hawaiʻi is not a recent event. In the national memory of the United States, for example, the Latinx population of Hawaiʻi is often portrayed as recent arrivals and not as long-term historical communities with a presence that precedes the formation of statehood itself. Historically speaking, Latinxs have been voyaging to the Hawaiian Islands for over one hundred and ninety years. From the early 1830s to the present, they continue to help shape Hawaiʻi’s history, yet their contributions are often overlooked. Latinxs have been a part of the cultural landscape of Hawaiʻi prior to annexation, territorial status, and statehood in 1959. Aloha Compadre also explores the expanding boundaries of Latinx migration beyond the western hemisphere and into Oceania.

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