Modern Europe Workshop - "Germany and the Birth of the Modern World, 1780-1820"

Modern America Workshop
Event date: 
February 26, 2018 -
12:00pm to 1:20pm
David G. Blackbourn
Vanderbilt University
Seminar Series: 
Modern Europe Workshop

"Germany and the Birth of the Modern World, 1780-1820"

David G. Blackbourn, Vanderbilt University

This workshop is open to the public. A light lunch will be provided. The pre-circulated paper for this workshop will not be circulated electronically at the request of the speaker. Hard copies of the paper are available outside of Dickinson Hall, Room 136. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. Please email Jennifer Loessy at to arrange for a copy of this paper.

David Blackbourn is Cornelius Vanderbilt Distinguished Chair and Professor of History at Vanderbilt University. A Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and a Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy, he is a member of the editorial boards of Past and Present and Central European History. His books include Class, Religion and Local Politics in Wilhelmine Germany (1980), The Peculiarities of German History [with Geoff Eley] (1984), Populists and Patricians (1987), Marpingen: Apparitions of the Virgin mary in Bismarckian  Germany (1993), The Long Nineteenth Century: A History of Germany, 1780-1918 (1997) The Conquest of Nature: Water, Landscape, and the making of Modern Germany (2006) and Landschaften der deutschen Geschichte: Aufsätze zum 19. und 20. Jahrhundert (2016). He is spending 2017-18 as a Member of the School of Historical Studies at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, working on a book called “Germany in the World, 1500-2000: A Global History”.

Area of Interest: 
17th & 18th Centuries