Revolutionary Change: A Davis Center Symposium

Event date: 
May 6, 2022 - 1:00pm to May 7, 2022 - 3:30pm
Seminar Series: 
Davis Center Conference

Revolutionary Change: A Davis Center Symposium

This symposium concludes the two-year Davis Center exploration of the theme of “Revolutionary Change,” and brings together the thirteen fellows and postdoctoral fellow from the 2020-21 and 2021-22 academic years, along with the Associate Directors of the Center from each year. In these two days of discussion, the participants will present the research projects on which they have been working, while relating them to the general discussions in which they participated during their fellowships.

All discussions will take place in 211 Dickinson Hall. Coffee breaks, and breakfast and lunch on Saturday, May 7, will take place in 210 Dickinson Hall.

Participants who arrive on Friday morning are welcome to attend the Davis Seminar, with a paper by Princeton’s Stephen Kotkin, derived from the forthcoming third volume of his biography of Joseph Stalin. The seminar begins at 10:15 a.m. in Dickinson 211, and copies of the paper will be available from Jennifer Goldman (


  • Zara Anishanslin, University of Delaware (spring 2021)
  • Michael Blaakman, Princeton University (Associate Director, 2021-22)
  • Divya Cherian, Princeton University (Associate Director, 2020-21)
  • Kate Cooper, Royal Holloway, University of London (fall 2020)
  • Thomas Dodman, Columbia University (2021)
  • Lawrence Glickman, Cornell University (spring 2022)
  • Sara Kozameh, Princeton University (2020-22)
  • Durba Mitra, Harvard University (2021)
  • Nathan Perl-Rosenthal, University of Southern California (spring 2022)
  • Neslihan Şenocak, Columbia University (2021-22)
  • Juned Shaikh, University of California, Santa Cruz (spring 2022)
  • Asif Siddiqi, Fordham University (2021-22)
  • Cristina Soriano, Villanova University (spring 2021)
  • Massimiliano Tomba, University of California, Santa Cruz (2020-21)
  • Charles Walker, University of California, Davis (fall 2021)
  • Kirsten Weld, Harvard University (fall 2020)

Friday, May 6

12:00 pm - Welcoming Lunch, Prospect House

1:00 pm - Welcoming Remarks

David Bell, Princeton University, Director of the Davis Center

1:10 pm - What Is Revolution?

Massimiliano Tomba, "Revolution / Restoration"
Kate Cooper, "Religious Identity and Revolutionary Change"
Thomas Dodman, "Tocqueville's Logics of Revolution"
Durba Mitra, "Sexuality and the Status of Revolution"

3:40 pm - Coffee Break

4:00 pm - The Age of Revolution

Zara Anishanslin, "Transatlantic Histories and Im/material Cultures of the American Revolution"
Divya Cherian, "South Asia in the Age of Revolution"
Nathan Perl-Rosenthal, "Generations of Revolutionaries"
Cristina Soriano, "Revolutionary Change and Colonial Experimentation in Trinidad, 1770-1814"

6:30 pm - End of Friday Session

7:00 pm - Dinner, Kristine's Restaurant

Saturday, May 7

8:30 am - Breakfast Available

9:30 am - Revolutions Across Borders and Borderlands

Neslihan Şenocak, "The Pastoral Revolution in the West"
Michael Blaakman, "Borderline Revolution"
Charles Walker, "The Shining Path and Global Revolutions, 1970-2000"
Juned Shaikh, "Realism and Revolution: Literature in a Changing World"

12:00 pm - Lunch

1:00 pm - Revolution in the Contemporary World

Kirsten Weld, "Revolutionary Change as Decolonization in the 20th-Century Hispanophone World"
Lawrence Glickman, "The Politics of Backlashes in the Modern United States"
Sara Kozameh, "Writing Revolutionary Cuba"
Asif Siddiqi, "Cosmic Revolutions and Their Infrastructures of Violence"

3:30 pm - End of the Symposium

Jennifer Goldman