"Thinking History in Times of Crises"

Friday, February 17, 2023, 3:30 pm5:00 pm


Event Description

"Thinking History in Times of Crises"

  • Jeremy Adelman, Princeton University
  • David A. Bell, Princeton University
  • Sheldon Garon, Princeton University
  • Ekaterina Pravilova, Princeton University
  • Yana Prymachenko, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • Iryna Vushko, Princeton University
  • Max Weiss, Princeton University
  • Moderated by Angela Creager, Princeton University

Location: 211 Dickinson Hall & Zoom

Reception to follow in 136 Dickinson Hall (Faculty Lounge)

This workshop will be offered in hybrid format both on Zoom and in-person. Registration is only required for those who plan on attending via Zoom. 

Zoom Registration 

We kindly ask that all in-person attendees follow the current University Covid-19 guidelines.

This workshop invites colleagues to discuss, as historians, what it means to teach and write history during times of severe crises and catastrophes.  The conversation is prompted by the current war in Ukraine.  However, we hope to expand beyond Ukraine to reflect on how calamities shape and inform our practices.  How to write and teach history while witnessing crises of magnificent proportions?  How does living in crisis times affect our thinking about history itself?  We bring together colleagues working across different periods and different parts of the world to offer their perspectives on how living in times of wars and crises challenges and perhaps enhances our understanding of the past.  

Jennifer Loessy
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War & Society
21st Century