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The selection committee recognized a graduate student assistant in instruction (AI) from each of the four divisions with a special commendation for their outstanding abilities as teachers. Shelby Sinclair is recognized in the social sciences division.

The mentoring award recognizes Princeton faculty members who nurture the intellectual, professional and personal growth of their graduate students.

Princeton seniors Jacquelyn Dávila and Shaffin Siddiqui have received the Martin A. Dale ’53 Fellowship to spend a year after graduation pursuing a project of special interest to them.

His Old Dominion Research Professorship will support the study of the economic and social experiences of migrant laborers in the High Middle Ages in the rural areas of northwestern continental Europe.

Wonderful news from our graduate students and alumni, including fellowships, grants, job placements, journal articles, and published books.

Monday, May 9, 2022
7pm ET
Princeton Public Library
In-person and virtual

May 6-7, 2022
Dickinson Hall 211

The ad hoc committee will create a framework for emerging science, technology, and innovation in health and medicine.

Thomas Conlan discusses his new publication, a sourcebook that explores the lost voices of Japan’s samurai.

She was awarded the Guggenheim in the field of history of science, technology and economics.

The exhibition shows how European alchemists built on Greco-Egyptian, Islamic, and late medieval foundations to create a golden age of alchemy from the 15th century to the time of Sir Isaac Newton.
April 6 through July 17, 2022
Ellen and Leonard Milberg Gallery (Firestone Library)

Rosie B'Sheer
Nicole Barnes
Anne Berg
Sarah Cameron
William Cavert
Benjamin Cohen
Reinaldo Funes-Monzoto
Andrew Needham

Camille Goldmon
David Patterson

Princeton senior Emily Sánchez has been awarded a fellowship from ReachOut 56-81-06, an alumni-funded effort that supports year-long public service projects after graduation. Sánchez will develop a podcast series on the history of Latino communities across New Jersey.

Julian Zelizer will spend a year at the New-York Historical Society, beginning September 2022, writing “The Compromise”: The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and the Betrayal of Racial Justice, 1964.

Twelve Theses on Attention, edited by D. Graham Burnett and Stevie Knauss, The Friends of Attention
The Presidency of Donald J. Trump: A First Historical Assessment, edited by Julian E. Zelizer

April 8-9, 2022
211 Dickinson Hall

Historian of science Michael Gordin is teaching "The Einstein Era" at Princeton. The course covers the famous scientist's achievements and his involvement with the monumental issues of his day.

Only the Clothes on Her Back: Clothing and the Hidden History of Power in the 19th-Century United States is an innovative recasting of US legal and economic history through the power of clothing for those who lacked power and status in American society.

The prize is bestowed by the Institute for South Asia Studies at University of California - Berkeley and recognizes her dissertation "The Demographic State: Population, Global Biopolitics, and Decolonization in South Asia, c. 1947-71."

The Joseph Levenson Prizes are awarded to the English-language books that make the greatest contribution to increasing understanding of the history, culture, society, politics, or economy of China.