2018 Stone / Davis Prize Winners

April 01, 2018

Stone / Davis Prize

To encourage sophisticated training and experience in historical research among history undergraduates, the Davis Center awards a limited number of Lawrence Stone and Shelby Cullom Davis prize fellowships to rising seniors for their senior thesis projects. To be considered, a student must have compiled an excellent record in departmental work, and must be nominated by a member of the department. The nomination letter should be accompanied by a detailed research plan written by the student. Special consideration will be given to those whose work requires extensive use of archival sources distant from Princeton and from the student's home.

The 2017-18 winners are:

Jordan B. Antebi
Proposed thesis title: Post-World War II Housing, Urban Renewal, ACTION, Inc.

Rohana L. Chase
Proposed thesis title: Water-Related Grassroots Environmental Activism in the Kathmandu River Valley

Kate H. Reed
Proposed thesis title: International Progressivism, Domestic Dirty War: Examining Luis Echeverría's Presidency, 1970-1976

Samuel E. Schultz
Proposed thesis title: Future of the Machine: Isaac Asimov and the Historical Origins of AI

Sam S. Valle
Proposed thesis title: Anglo-American Diplomacy and the American Civil War