Alum Marcia Schenck Published Book

June 11, 2021
Book Announcement from Alum Marcia Schenck

Marcia Schenck, a former PhD student and visiting scholar of Princeton’s History department and current professor of global history at the University of Potsdam, has published an edited volume, Navigating Socialist Encounters. Moorings and (Dis)Entanglements between Africa and East Germany during the Cold War has been published (open access). This anthology, edited by Eric Burton, Anne Dietrich, Immanuel Harisch, and Marcia Schenck,  anchors African history in global history by illuminating the connections between African and East German actors and institutions during the Cold War. With a particular focus on agency and African influences on the GDR (and vice versa), the volume illuminates personal and institutional agency, reciprocal cultural transfers, migration, development, and solidarity. The case studies range from German courses at the Herder and Goethe Institutes in Cairo, Kenyan students in the GDR and Yugoslavia, African trade unionists at a trade union college, Mozambican contract workers, and Zanzibari literati, to East German journalists, friendship brigadists, and development experts. The introduction, written collectively by the editors, provides an introduction to the historiography and an overview of the diverse relationships of African personal actors, institutions, parties, and liberation movements with the GDR during the Cold War.