Angela Creager Receives 2024 Guggenheim Fellowship

Written by
Jamie Saxon, Office of Communications, Princeton University
April 11, 2024

Seven Princeton faculty members have received 2024 Guggenheim Fellowships, the largest faculty cohort since 2017. This year’s recipients are Angela Creager, Rebecca Lazier, Jan-Werner Müller, Robert Pringle, Kim Lane Scheppele, Anna M. Shields and Corina Tarnita.

Graduate alumni Jenann Ismael *97, Roy Scranton *16 and Julia Wolfe *12, and undergraduate alumnus Vincent Lloyd, of the Class of 2003, also received 2024 Guggenheim Fellowships.

The Princetonians are among 188 scholars to receive fellowships, from a pool of almost 3,000 applicants — “a distinguished and diverse group of culture-creators working across 52 disciplines,” according to the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation press statement.

 “The new class of Fellows has followed their calling to enhance all of our lives, to provide greater human knowledge and deeper understanding,” Guggenheim Foundation President Edward Hirsch said in the statement. “We’re lucky to look to them to bring us into the future.”

Angela Creager, the Thomas M. Siebel Professor in the History of Science, joined Princeton in 1994 and is the chair of the Department of History. Her scholarship focuses on the history of twentieth-century biomedical research. This spring she is teaching the undergraduate course “History of Biology.” She was awarded the Guggenheim in the field of history of science, technology and economics.