We know the disparity is linked to racial discrimination on some level, but struggle to put our finger on the one cause.

Less than three months in, 2016 is already shaping up to be the most tumultuous year in American politics since 1968.

For historians of science, the death of Charles Gillispie at the age of ninety-seven on 6 October 2015 marks the end of an era.

May 3
210 Dickinson Hall

An interview with David A. Bell about his book Shadows of Revolution: Reflections on France, Past and Present.

Frederick Cooper, New York University

An interview with Kevin Kruse on using Twitter in a professional context.

Join the Graduate History office for this lunchtime event.

"Presentism seems to be an anathema to most enlightened historians of science. In this paper I argue that there are actually significant weaknesses in the usual reactions against presentism, and that presentism is necessary and can be beneficial."

SPEAR's Third Annual Conference, April 15-17