Gods of Mount Tai: Familiarity and the Material Culture of North China, 1000-2000 by Susan Naquin
Samurai and the Warrior Culture of Japan, 471-1877: A Sourcebook, edited and translated by Thomas Donald Conlan
Revolutions Aesthetic: A Cultural History of Ba'thist Syria by Max Weiss

The Center for Collaborative History is pleased to host its inaugural summer book club. Through a popular vote, the book Violeta: A Novel by Isabel Allende has been selected. Book club meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 24 at 12 p.m.

Princeton seniors Jacquelyn Dávila and Shaffin Siddiqui have received the Martin A. Dale ’53 Fellowship to spend a year after graduation pursuing a project of special interest to them.

His Old Dominion Research Professorship will support the study of the economic and social experiences of migrant laborers in the High Middle Ages in the rural areas of northwestern continental Europe.


She has become dame in honors from Queen Elizabeth II announced by the British government this week. The honor entitles her to be known as Dame Linda Colley.

The selection committee recognized a graduate student assistant in instruction (AI) from each of the four divisions with a special commendation for their outstanding abilities as teachers. Shelby Sinclair is recognized in the social sciences division.

The mentoring award recognizes Princeton faculty members who nurture the intellectual, professional and personal growth of their graduate students.

Wonderful news from our graduate students and alumni, including fellowships, grants, job placements, journal articles, and published books.

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May 6-7, 2022
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