In the past year, the Department has been pleased at the successful tenure and promotion of three wonderful colleagues: Janet Chen (modern Chinese history), Ekaterina Pravilova (Russian Imperial History), and Bhavani Raman (Colonial India). We celebrate also the joint appointment of Thomas Conlan, a specialist in early and medieval Japan, to a professorship in East Asian Studies (EAS) and History, and the appointment of Regina Kunzel, an expert in the history of gender and sexuality in the twentieth-century United States.


The Department successfully hired four assistant professors last year: Matthew Karp, Rosina Lozano, Teresa Shawcross, and Jack Tannous. Because a number of them have chosen to accept postdoctoral fellowships, they will become active members of the faculty at different times within the next year or so. The first to arrive is Jack Tannous, himself a Princeton Ph.D. He has been on a teaching postdoc for two years in Washington, D.C., but being eager to return to Princeton, he decided to forego the third year he was entitled to and is teaching a Junior Seminar this fall.


The year since the appearance of the last Newsletter was quite full. In this edition the reader will find information on the accomplishments of many individuals, which together have helped maintain the reputation of the Department within the University and in the academic world more generally.


We have just begun a new academic year, and I am happy to share with you some of our accomplishments over the last twelve months and our hopes for the future.


This newsletter, I hope, will bring you up to date on some of the happenings and the people in the history department.